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Pastor Says, “It’s time to rebel!”

Pastor Says, “It’s time to rebel!” Weekly Sermon, Sunday 1 July, 2018 As Christian flat earth believers, we should also learn other Bible truths – truths that you don’t hear in churches today. The flat earth truth is not the … Continue reading

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Are You a Brainwashed Christian?

Are You a Brainwashed Christian?   By Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr   Throughout the history of this world, there have been many great discoveries. When Columbus discovered the New World in 1492, it was one of the greatest discoveries of … Continue reading

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Should Christians Judge Others?

Should Christians Judge Others?   One of the many lies that are taught in most churches today is, “Thou shalt not judge.” Judeo-Christians say that we should not judge one another, it’s not Christian to judge others, etc. Well, this … Continue reading

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How to Control a Nation and Its People

How to Control a Nation and Its People Intro There are certain things that have to change in order to control a nation and its people – IF you want to do it without too much violence. In the past … Continue reading

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God’s Ways Higher Than Man’s Ways

Note: This notice will be on many articles that are on the Bible but not necessarily on the flat earth. I put this notice here for new people who come here for flat earth articles and videos. If you are … Continue reading

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