UFO Believers and the Flat Earth

UFO Believers and the Flat Earth

Do you believe in UFOs and Aliens visiting us from other planets? If you do, you’ll probably have a strong bias against the flat earth theory. If you have made your reputation on UFOs and you are known as “the UFO guy” you’ll probably have more of a resistance of listening to flat earth information. Why? Because this is how most humans are. If they have more than just a belief in the possibility of E.T.s visiting the earth, they will probably reject the flat earth – even if you give logical explanation after explanation, they will not believe it.

Now, think about those who have made money from the UFO dissemination, people like Jeff Rense and George Noony of Coast to Coast AM. They have a lot more at stake. These two people probably have the most popular websites in the world if you are into UFOs. They have guests on their talk shows that give UFO updates and they have authors of books on the subject.

What would they do if Rense, for example, were to listen to the flat earth information – would he accept it or would he reject it? If he accepted it, then he would have to publicly announce that he doesn’t believe in Aliens from space, Planet X, Alien abductions and the rest of it. Would he take down all the articles that pertain to this? Would he delete all the audio files of interviews with people who do believe in it? And what would he say to those he calls his friends that have written books on the subject – would he risk losing their friendship?

Now, what about those who have written books on the UFO phenomenon – would they believe in the flat earth? Would they risk future income by not writing on UFOs? Or would they ignore the facts that are presented to them – no matter how strong?

Unfortunately, mankind will deny anything that goes against their long held beliefs – especially if they have made money on it in some way.

Now, I’m not picking on Jeff Rense. I think he is a fine guy and he does expose other conspiracies that is going on and he does have guests that talk on other subjects on government scandals, false flag operations, ect, but I just used him as someone who has made his identity, if you will, on the subject of UFOs.

Now, there is an exception to the rule and that is when Mark Sargent was guest on the Coast to Coast AM program back in May of 2015. So, how did Mark talk on the flat earth with host of the largest radio program who has one main topic of Aliens? He lied, as he claimed that the dome (firmament) above the earth was created by Aliens, that they created the earth, that they are observing us! This is out right rubbish and he knows it. No other flat earther – with the exception of deceivers – state that. With these lies it did not “ruffle the feathers” of Host George Noony. Mark did not get this information from Eric Dubay and he did not get it from old flat earth booklets and books. So, that is how Mark was able to get on Coast to Coast radio – he admitted that E.T.s are invovled. If Noony had someone like Eric on, the outcome would have been quite different.

For those who are new to this blog site and who don’t know about the flat earth. First, I would encourage you to read the articles and watch the videos here. Before you do, I just want to say that there are no Aliens out there, no E.T.s built the dome, and you can’t fly in and out. However, there is a Creator God who did build the dome (firmament), who created the earth and who watches over us.

Before I leave, I know that you may have many questions as to:

What about all those abductions?

What about the ancient astronauts?

What about the thousands of UFO sightings world wide over the millennia?

This would take a book to write about. But I do suggest you look on YouTube for the documentary film “Ancient Aliens Debunked” and this will answer many of your questions.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to UFO Believers and the Flat Earth

  1. d taylor says:

    Programs like coast to coast, are all part of the deception. And ufo’s, abduction’s, etc.. are government controlled/staged events.


    • ufo’s, abduction’s, etc.. are government controlled/staged events
      UFO ‘tech’ is, basically, derived from Tesla’s (long-suppressed) discoveries….
      ‰a small‰ of it is, actually, demonic;
      a lot of the ‘tech’ we have now is, also, from demonic/fallen angel sources….
      as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man ;
      God can and does use it for His own, special purposes….
      (exmpl: the ‘inter-webs’ etc. )


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