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Science’s Quarrel with the Bible

Science’s Quarrel with the Bible Extracts from Lectures by Walter Rowton, Esq. Without, so far as I can see, a single fact in support, it has been assumed that man’s earliest ideas of a God, of his own origin, of … Continue reading

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Are You a New Ager?

                             Are You a New Ager? If you are a New Ager, you are blinded to many truths, including that of the Bible. If you were a … Continue reading

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How The “Illusion” Of The Flat Earth Leads To New Age Nonsense

By turning the words “flat earth” into a metaphor to say you can’t believe your sense, make it easy for people to believe in this New Age nonsense. For centuries the flat earth metaphor has been used, in part, to … Continue reading

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