How The “Illusion” Of The Flat Earth Leads To New Age Nonsense


By turning the words “flat earth” into a metaphor to say you can’t believe your sense, make it easy for people to believe in this New Age nonsense.

For centuries the flat earth metaphor has been used, in part, to say that we can’t believe our senses. Then, with that thought, people can push into the New Age without us knowing it.

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In this short video clip you’ll hear Gary Craig, founder of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), start with using the flat earth metaphor. From there, he said since “science” discovered that the earth is round, it changes the way we look at the world. In short, that we can’t believe our senses.

This is only the first step to lead the gullible public into believing his next step. Craig then tells the audience (looks like a couple of hundred people) that the earth is neither flat nor round, but that it doesn’t exist! What nonsense is this!? Since he got the people convinced that our senses can be misleading – now that “science has prove the earth is round” – he takes it a step further in that we can’t believe that, either. However, he sure wants you to believe this “Non-existence earth.”

So, later in Gary Craig’s talk (on another video clip) he talks how he had this personal experience with God and that everything he sees is “not real” that everything about his collection of beliefs is not real. This is his so-called personal experience with God. Once he has you set up with this, you can easily follow him into this next statement, which is, A Course in Miracles. This is talked about more in video clip number 3.

If you don’t know about A Course in Miracles, you just missed a lot of blasphemy about Yahweh, God and Christ. It’s too much to add here, so I will leave a link ( Click Here ) where you can read more. Just let me say that this book, written by an atheist Jewess back in the 1960s is filled with lies about Yahweh, God and Christ. The book says, among many things, that there is no such thing as sin, that we are like Christ, that we don’t need a redeemer, etc. Click the above link to find out more. The importance for this is, to show you how many people are mislead when all they think they are learning how to help others with their pain and disease.

Gary Craig also claims to be a pastor but he has never said anything more than a few words in his many EFT seminars. If he was really a pastor he would know of the many scriptural lies that is said in A Course in Miracles. And, as Craig said in the first video, that “I’m an avid student of A Course in Miracles.”

Probably a million EFT followers look up to Gary, and when they do, they are most likely to believe everything he says. (He could have several million followers.) Thus, they are being led astray. People who accept the info in this book will also accept other lies that is found in the New Age Movement. (Though that name is not commonly used now, it really the same old lies that was pushed in the 70s and 80s.) The people who push this sort of information are people like Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, David Wilcox along with those in what is called, The Law of Attraction, which includes people like Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor.

Yes, we can help people with their health and they can recover by using natural methods but not by, what is commonly called “energy healing”, which includes Reiki and Touch Therapy.

Do you want answers to today’s problems? Do you want answers to family problems? Do you want answers to national problems? The answers are in the Bible. Get a King James Version 1611 Bible (not one of those blasphemous new versions) and there you’ll find your answers.

Getting Back to the Flat Earth

To sum up I would like to get back to the flat earth. What the astronomers and people from NASA tells us is diametrically opposed to what God tells us in the Bible. God says that the earth is fixed, has a foundation and doesn’t move. The astronomers and astronauts tell us something differently. (Yes, the Russian cosmonauts say the same thing – they are in the lie, too!) So, who do you believe? God or the lying “scientists” who works on behalf of the government?

God does NOT deceive us with our senses. (Yes, Virginia, there is optical illusion but looking at the earth is not one of them.) When we look at the horizon, it appears flat because IT IS FLAT. When we look at the horizon at a high altitude it looks flat BECAUSE IT IS FLAT. When we go outside, there is no feeling of movement (as if you have to go outside to feel movement), that is because THERE IS NO MOVEMENT TO THE EARTH. When we are told that the Sun moves across the sky – IT MOVES ACROSS THE SKY.

Sure, I know experiments can be done where the scenery moves and you don’t but there is a machine under you to make you feel movement and a fan is blowing to make it feel like wind from the speed. But God does not trick our senses, he doesn’t not play games with us, and, more importantly, everything God says it 100% true.

So, start believing in God and stop believing in computer generate images produced by NASA!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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