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Fake Alien Invasion Planned

Fake Alien Invasion Planned You might want to download this if your computer is always buffing – which I find common on alternative video hosting sites but not on YouTube. There has been much news coverage of the possibility of … Continue reading

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Mike Adams Injecting Invading Aliens Into Earth’s Problems

Mike Adams Injecting Invading Aliens Into Earth’s Problems Mike Adams had recently been to Branson, Missouri where he was a speaker at Oblivion Agenda. This convention talked about how the government and corporate leaders are reducing the world’s population. There … Continue reading

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Another Take on the Alien Deception

  Another Take on the Alien Deception Richie from Boston does have some rough words, but this guy knows what is going on and he has a large YouTube following. It’s good to see someone who believes in the flat … Continue reading

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Elections and ET Invasion

Elections and ET Invasion The “powers that be” are actually consider using an ET invasion to disrupt the American Election. For believers in the flat earth, we know this is a big laugh. This video came from the Jeff Rense … Continue reading

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Preparing the World for Alien Arrival

The latest news in preparing the world for a fake alien arrival are two news stories I just came across. On page 17 of the Daily Mail (UK) for September 1 is an article titled: Is this the proof aliens … Continue reading

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