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Another Take on the Alien Deception

  Another Take on the Alien Deception Richie from Boston does have some rough words, but this guy knows what is going on and he has a large YouTube following. It’s good to see someone who believes in the flat … Continue reading

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Mormons And their Belief in Aliens

Mormons And their Belief in Aliens The Mormons have a belief that there are trillions of planets in the Universe with civilization and countless gods. As you may know, Mormons call themselves Christians but they are not (for too many … Continue reading

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UFOs and the Bible

UFOs and the Bible There is an area that preachers don’t talk on, and that includes pastors in the Christian Identity Churches and that is UFOs. My question to them is, “Is there UFOs (people from other planets) or isn’t … Continue reading

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The Film: Ancient Aliens Debunked

For believers in the flat earth and the true nature of planets and stars, your next question might be, “What about extra-terrestrials (E.T.s) Here is a 3 hour 10 minute documentary on ancient aliens. Now, before you get upset and … Continue reading

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Aliens Don’t Exist: Testimony by William Cooper

Project Bluebeam I agree up to the 9 minute mark. Then Bill talks about the types of government. But talking about the aliens, perhaps this is why, or one of the reasons why he was murdered by the US Government … Continue reading

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Questioning Previous Beliefs: Coral Castle

  Here is something that I believed in, and that is how Coral Castle in Florida was made. Listening to Jeff Rense years ago, he had a guest that talked about this. He theorized that it was made with some … Continue reading

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Yahoo News: Alien Life Possible

Yahoo New: Alien Life Possible And how the globe shape of the earth fits in to this. Here is a news item for Yahoo News that appeared today (July 2) about “aliens” that look like us, according to an evolutionary … Continue reading

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