UFOs and the Bible

UFOs and the Bible

There is an area that preachers don’t talk on, and that includes pastors — that is UFOs. My question to them is, “Is there UFOs (people from other planets) or isn’t there?” My answer to this is, “NO, there are no Extra-Terrestrials (E.T.s).” Now, I know that there are millions of Christians that believe in visitations from people who live on other planets, so I don’t expect to change their mind in one video or one article.

As for me, I had believed in UFOs  visiting us but I found out that such is not the case. It will be much too long to go into detail here. Just let me say this, God said that He sent His ONLY begotten Son to us to die for our sins. Now, we all accept this, yet if we are to believe that there is intelligent life out in the Universe – whether they visited us or not, how can they be saved?

You would have to believe in one of the following:

1 – Life on all the other planets are without sin

2 – They do have sin but they can’t be saved (since there is only one son, Yeshua the Christ)

Or, that God lied

Since we know that God can not lie, and that He had sent His ONLY son, that would mean – by implication – that there is no life outside of Heaven and Earth. We know that God is not an unjust God, where others will not have a chance to be saved from their sin.

Why would God create all that other “real estate” if it was not to be inhabited? IF there were other planets out there, in the numbers were are told, then there must be one billion other planets with life on it even if only one in a billion planets have life.

Another indication we “are alone” is that we are told in the Bible that Heaven is above the Earth. How do you get Heaven “above” if there are billions of galaxies? Where would “above” be? How far is “above”? It would be ridiculous to say that Heaven is “over” Australia and it’s the third solar system in from Galaxy Ebu2B (I just made that up). Where is the base line to establish “above”? If we live on a globe, what is “above” for one section of the globe would be “below” for another part. Do you get my point? Everything becomes ridiculous.

So, why is this UFO agenda being pushed?”

Good question.  In short, it’s to get us away from the belief in God, and from looking to the Bible that has the answers to our economic, political, health problems as well as to all other problems. This allows those in control to have obedient servants so they can continue to rule over us, take our freedom away and to to exploit us. You see, Christ has the answers — NOT some world government and NOT some E.T. race out in space.

Whatever your problems are, turn to the Bible, pray on it, and God will lead you to.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. George says:

    There is a goal for the space hoax:


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