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Theologians Attack Flat Earth Believers

Theologians Attack Flat Earth Believers Verbal Persecution of Flat Earth Believers This video has Christian pastors verbally attacking Rob Skiba of his flat earth belief. One guy, Steven Anderson, has some good preaching on his videos but others are way … Continue reading

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What Makes The Firmament Move?

What Makes The Firmament Move? There has not been any talk on what makes the firmament move. If there has, I missed it, but here is a video that talks about it. Of course, there has to be some power … Continue reading

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Rockets Hits Firmament

Rockets Hits Firmament Rockets seem to get stuck, exhaust goes out. Also, near the end it talk about what the Firmament is made of. .  

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Flat Earth Critic Takes Bible Verse Out of Context

Flat Earth Critic Takes Bible Verse Out of Context   A good point was brought up by flat earth critic William Finck who wrote to this ministry. His words are in italics. Jeremiah 31: 37 Thus saith the LORD; If … Continue reading

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The Firmament of Heaven

The Firmament of Heaven The Vault of Heaven The vault of heaven is a crucial concept. The word “firmament” appears in the King James version of the Old Testament 17 times, and in each case it is translated from the … Continue reading

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Dome of the Flat Earth

The Dome and the Flat Earth Click here to see the slide presentation of the flat earth and the dome. This will open up in Power Point or Open Office Presentation (depending on which one you have).

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Is This The Picture of the Dome?

A photograph taken in the 1920s shows the Antarctic Ocean, mountain and what looks like a wall of some kind behind it. Looks like by the comments it’s nearly evenly divided.

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