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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

Politically Correctness and The Thought Police

Politically Correctness Madness and The Thought Police If you want to know the origin of all this “politically correct” madness that we hear so much today, go over to the Bible Study Page of this website and listen to the … Continue reading

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Facebook Censorship

Musings 9 March, 2019 Here are some things that are in the news I thought I’d comment on. A $25 million satellite was sent into space to identify if there are any planets that support life. All this is, what … Continue reading

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Earthly and Heavenly Things

If you do not believe earthly things, how will you believe heavenly things? Click on for Avatar for article and watch the short video that comes after it.  

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Scriptures Versus The Fable Of The Revolving Earth

Scriptures Versus The Fable Of The Revolving Earth   The hypothesis introduced by Nicolas Copernicus that the Earth revolves on an imaginary axis has been accepted as truth by the great majority for centuries, it has been taught in the … Continue reading

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They Are Really In Australia

Fake Mars Landing Note: Click Here to see another version of this article. I hope you like it as well as new Readers to this site.   “I firmly believe that the American and Russian space program secrets are twofold, … Continue reading

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Railroad Tracks Prove the Earth is Flat

The civil engineer would have to be different if the earth is a globe. J.C. Bourne in his book, “The History of the Great Western Railway” stated that the entire original English railroad, more than 118 miles long, that the … Continue reading

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Living Next To A Vacuum

How is it possible to have gas pressure next to a vacuum without a barrier? . This is a topic that I had with a retired physics professor. However, I didn’t say anything to contradict it, as my purpose was … Continue reading

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The Earth is Censored

The Earth is Censored Why is it that certain things can’t be talked about? There are many topics, and I have gone into some of them here – but certainly not all of them – that people avoid talking about. … Continue reading

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In Response to a Mormon Reader

In Response to a Mormon Reader I disagree with what you wrote (see Comment, In Response to a Mormon Reader), but I posted it anyhow for others to read. There are other bloggers who will only post comments that are … Continue reading

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Simple Canal Experiment Proves a Flat Earth

Simple Canal Experiment Proves a Flat Earth Curvature of the earth is never factor in by engineers, surveyors and architects when building their projects – which proves the earth is not a globe. Canals, roadways and rail tracts are always … Continue reading

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