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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

Fake NASA News for 12 January

Fake NASA News for 12 January Here, we are told that some Russians are stuck in space in the ISS. I just wonder if this is how they will exist the fake space flight? Will NASA do the same thing? … Continue reading

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AI Software Answers Flat Earthers

AI Software Answers Flat Earthers Just the other day I came across an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that surpasses Google and devices like Alexia (which is, in part, a home spy). This is called ChatGPT, and it goes into more … Continue reading

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Flat Earth is Officially Life Threatening

Or, The Twisted “Reasoning” of a So-called Intellectual There is part of an article that talks about the “flat earther” who launched himself in a rocket to prove the earth is flat several years ago. You may have remembered this. … Continue reading

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How Smart People Are Wrong About Flat Earther’s

How Smart People Are Wrong About Flat Earther’s There is a website that Rob Skiba recommended that people see. The address is: I went to it and it looks like a lot of contributors are people in academia – … Continue reading

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Rob Skiba Talks About Kent Hovind

Rob Skiba Talks About Kent Hovind If you don’t know who Kent Hovind is a big critic of flat earthers. He also is a believe that dinosaurs existed on earth within the past 6,000 years and had a museum on … Continue reading

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Mas-ons Behind All Wars and Revolutions

Mas-ons Behind All Wars and Revolutions We know, as flat earthers, that the Mas-ons run NASA and pushes the spinning globe earth agenda. But do you know that they are behind wars and revolutions? Here, you’ll find a series of … Continue reading

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You Can’t Prove a Spinning Ball Earth

You Can’t Prove a Spinning Ball Earth

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Why Canaanite Alters Should be Destroyed and Not Put on Display

Listen to this interview to find out what happened when a Canaanite alter was not destroyed, as reported by a Christian archologist.

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Biblical Flat Earth Conference in Amsterdam – Part 2

A Seed War, the Beast and a Strong Delusion

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Biblical Flat Earth Conference, Amsterdam 2017

Biblical Flat Earth Conference, Amsterdam 2017 Featuring Rob Skiba Nearly two and a half hours of flat earth discussion. Click Below

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