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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

Moon Landing Hoax Poll

Poll taken on how many people believe the Moon landing was a hoax. Continue reading

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Globe Earther Makes Stupid Statements

Globe Earther Makes Stupid Statements I go on a forum where questions and answers are given on many topics and of late, I’ve been answering questions on the flat earth. Here is what he said: “If there are they (flat … Continue reading

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Telling Others of the Flat Earth

Discussed are ways of spreading the flat earth news. Continue reading

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25 Proofs From The Scriptures

25 Proofs From Scripture Against the Teaching of Modern Science Note: This is from an old book, date around the beginning of the 20th century. People who believe in the flat earth back then were Christians. Others, who were not … Continue reading

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Creation vs Illogical Christians

Creation vs Illogical Christians   We are often advised by well-meaning Christians, who are ignorant of the bearings of our contention, to allow the subject of the plane earth to “drop,” and to join with Amen in proclaiming what they … Continue reading

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Deliberate Dumbing Down of Students

Dumbing down of American students is deliberate. Continue reading

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Fake Lawsuits for Fake Globe Earth

Fake Lawsuits for Fake Globe Earth The Daily Telegraph, 25 April, 2019, page 3 of Business section When a defunct satellite orbiting earth at an altitude of 186 miles was blasted into pieces last month by an Indian missile, the … Continue reading

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Enslavement or Christian Resistance?

Hidden Bible truths. Continue reading

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The Earth’s Shadow on the Moon

The Earth Review, No. 5, October 1895   The so-called shadow is not always round, it was once noticed to be “ a dark isosceles triangular shape;” but a straight object would give a curved shadow upon a sphere as … Continue reading

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How To Beat The Police State

How to beat the Communist State Continue reading

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