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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.

The Bible, Bottomless Pit and Flat Earth

The Bible and Bottomless Pit Does the ‘bottomless pit’ as talked about in the Bible fit with a globe earth or a flat earth?

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Medical Corruption Exposed By A Medical Doctor

Jim Fetzer Interviews Dr Lorraine Day Dr Day tells what is really going on with Covid-19 and the corruption in the medical field. Do not be fooled by others who are in the alternative media that says that the coronavirus … Continue reading

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The Battle for the Mind

The Battle for the Mind by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Sermon “Gird Up The Lions Of Your Mind…” From The Apostle Peter When you listen to this old time sermon, think of the Bible truths that are hidden from us; think … Continue reading

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Masks Forbidden in Church!

Masks Forbidden in Church! – Orthodox Priest Explains Why   Face covering is against our Orthodox Christian religious beliefs. In Scripture, hiding one’s face always means, shame, distrust, unfavorable position, division and separation. Our Loving God has invited us to … Continue reading

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Comment On Distance of Stars Debunked

Comment On Distance of Stars Debunked As flat earth believers, we have all come across our critics. Some ask and make rational questions and statements. Then, there are others do not think about what they are saying. Well, here is … Continue reading

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Typical Objections to a Flat Earth

Here are some objections to a flat earth. This was actually sent by a reader. I’ll do my best to answer them. You’ll probably find more detailed objections in many of the flat earth videos that are posted on the … Continue reading

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Elements of a Good Flat Earth Conversation

Elements of a Good Flat Earth Conversation By Richard Snowden Here are, what I think, are good elements of a conversation talking about the flat earth to strangers (or anyone else for that matter). This refers to the previous conversation … Continue reading

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The New Age Agenda, UFOs and the Flat Earth

New Age Philosophy, UFOs and Flat Earth What does the New Age agenda, UFOs and the flat earth have to do with each others? I shall attempt to “connect the dots” to the New Age, UFOs and the flat earth. … Continue reading

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Covid-19: The Joke Is On Us

Covid-19: The Joke Is On Us In Wuhan, China, where the “deadly” covidvirus got its start, thousands and thousands of people gathered for party going at a water park and to attend a music festival. Looks like the joke is … Continue reading

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The Sun Circuits the Earth

In Joshua 10:13, the children of Israel are avenging themselves on their enemies. The Bible says that THE SUN STOOD STILL and hasted not to# GO DOWN about a whole day. The sun does not normally stand still. It is … Continue reading

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