A Flat Earther’s View of Jeff Bezos’ Space Fight

A Flat Earther’s View of Jeff Bezos’ Space Fight

FE Corona Revelation

If you read the news, Jeff Bezo, former CEO of Amazon, and three others went into “space” aboard his capsule. This was on the anniversary of “the first Moon landing” in 1969. I think there is a hidden message here: the 1969 flight was a fake, and there were some things fake about this one, too.

The claim is that they went 66.6 miles altitude. Some papers have it at 66.5 – so the Mark of the Beast is not too obvious. So, why this exact figure? They claim that space begins at 62 miles. Oh, how convenient. So, why didn’t they go to an even 70 miles? Or anything else and just have even mileage. Well, we all know the answer.

And what did Satan want to do? Ascend above the stars.; make his seat higher than God’s.

You can be sure that they will not show any pictures out the window and IF they do, it will be with a fisheye lens – to “prove” that the Earth is curved. The three astro-nots know that it’s really flat, if they have any common sense; or maybe not and still believe that it’s a globe – being so indoctrinated.

For the weightlessness they experienced for four minutes – that was when they fell back to Earth. This would be the same simulation as when a plane takes a nose dive. So, there is nothing out of the ordinary here. This is how other astro-nots are tested.

Jeff’s brother, Mark, assumed the moniker “Astronaut Demo.” Notice how close that is to the word “demon.” All of this is by no accident.

The decent was by booster and parachutes on a nearby landing pad. Notice, that it was not miles away which they should have been if the Earth is spinning 1,000 miles per hour.

Search For Pictures

I did a image search for pictures after I typed in “Jeff Bezos space flight” and all I came up with is one lousy picture. But even that was revealing. The picture is of Blue Origin space capsule with part of the earth in the background. What it did show of the Earth there was a small section of the edge that showed a straight line, not a curved one as you would expect from liars. (I guess they are working on that in the Photoshop department 😉

Finally, who took the picture? It begs the question. You mean to say that there was another rocket that took the picture? If so, we were not told that there was a photographer in the other rocket. Also, we were not told that this is just an image. So, by implication, this is suppose to be a real picture.

Just like the first landing on the Moon, 52 years ago, that was a fake, so is this one. Yes, it might have been a real rocket, but it was just a fight to a high altitude but WITHIN our atmosphere, and they were right under the firmament (dome) of Earth.

As a last thought, why didn’t Jeff Bezos bring back pictures and videos? There should have been on-board cameras. Also, you’d think that each person would have brought their own camera. Who wouldn’t bring their own camera when you go to an historical event or see once in a life time place. The fact that there is an absence of cameras, the fact that there wasn’t a live feed, makes me doubt that they even went up?

People are really whacked out – they can’t separate Hollywood from reality. When two people are talking on the film and there are only two people, someone has to be taking the video. But do they really think about that? People must think that it’s natural, otherwise, they would question “Who is taking the picture?” The sheeple must think that there is some invisible camera floating all around us that can take picture from the side, from above, and in our privacy – that there need not be another physical camera with our without a person behind it. Otherwise, they would question all these photos of satellites deep in space with a beautifully framed picture of the planet and Sun in the background. In other words, there need not be another person and camera recording all this.

Finally, the media is in on this just as much as those giving the orders. The first question they should be asking Jeff Bezos is, “Where are the pictures? Why wasn’t there a live feed? They had the technology during the days of the Apollo Missions, why didn’t you have on-board cameras now?” (Of course, the Apollo Missions were fake, too, but I’m writing from the perspective of the media who believes everything NASA told them.)

We know the answers to all of this.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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6 Responses to A Flat Earther’s View of Jeff Bezos’ Space Fight

  1. rjra11240233 says:

    I am so sick of them all. I wish I had billions in the bank, so I could do my own flight, and sent over thousands of pictures showing the deception for the world to watch. They are running out of time with lies to cover lies, and to convince this new generation that the earth is not flat. We need to gather a bunch of people and raise money and develop our own equipment to disintegrate NASA and its trolls. If you read the Bible, you will see that God writes history. The difference between them (spherical earth) and us (flat earthers) is that they know that no one can fix the end, but GOD only, and they know that God wants the deception to continue, so to bring down evildoers, but only God knows the day of the end, and the Spherical believers took that into action, not knowing when all this will blow up, they decided to take advantage of it, and make as much money as they can, and do anything they can to control the masses. Just like Satan knows he will prevail for a little while, but will not live forever, and has no chance to be forgiven by the Creator. So, since God writes history, not human, there is absolutely nothing you and I can do to convince the rest of the half-breed mongrels of this planet, that we are right and they are wrong, for that is how God want them to believe, for God writes history…Is in the Bible, and all these things were supposed to happen. The trick here is to keep ourselves continuing to wear God’s armor, and never allow them (Satan adorers) to convince us of anything… I BELIEVE IN ONE GOD. GOD OF ISRAEL, GOD THE FATHER, THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND BAD. I BELIEVE IN YESHUA, WHO DIED ON THE CROSS, TO SAVE ME FROM DEATH. Everything else is just paganism created by the Vatican (The den of Serpents), Always remember what VATICAN stands for… VATIS = deceiver, CAN = serpent, VATICANO = the divining serpent.


  2. I just did a search, “pictures of Jeff Bezos space flight.” When you travel to a destination you always take pictures along the way. And numerous after you have arrived and during your stay. I saw many pictures of their origin, right before they “traveled” into space. None during their “orbit” and none of their destination, space, where a normal person would be snapping pictures like crazy, of the stars, the moon, and of course, earth, down below them.


  3. My comment seemed to disappear, so here it is again, with a bit added.

    I just did a search, “pictures of Jeff Bezos space flight.” When you travel to a destination you always take pictures along the way. And numerous after you have arrived and during your stay. I saw many pictures of their origin, right before they “traveled” into space. Almost none during their “orbit” and none of their destination, space, where a normal person would be snapping pictures like crazy, of the stars, the moon, and of course, earth, down below them.

    As I was looking at the pictures of Jeff Bezos’s rocket, I noticed something disgusting, it is clearly shaped like a penis. This design was by accident? Some kind of nasty symbolism going on here.


  4. Timerinzky says:

    Hey man I just stumbled across your site. I had the same doubts as well, there is a video that I found. Certainly more than a picture. Curious what your thoughts are?


  5. Linda says:

    What a JOKE

    I can see it now they being shot to space at a high rate of anticipation and splat then – sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts like a bug on a windshield sets in. Imagine That if really true


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