Transparent Deception In Yet Another Alleged Extra-Solar Planet Discovery

Transparent Deception In Yet Another Alleged Extra-Solar Planet Discovery


All major TV and Print and Net “News” Media reported on 8/24/04 a “discovery of an Earth-like planet…some 50 light years away…that is bright enough to be seen with the naked eye”. 

“Super Earth-like planet discovered” – Written by CBC News Online staff)

It has become standard practice to pass off this type of computer-created spectrographic virtual-reality imaging as scientific truth. As can be seen, the real truth is that of all this phony hype rests on deceptive conclusions derived from baseless premises dependent upon an ever accumulating mountain of assumptions. These assumptions are then further expanded and built into the world’s “knowledge” controlling sacred cow which we call The Theoretical Science Establishment.

That this Establishment itself is merely a bogus secular front for the religion of Kabbala-based Pharisaic Judaism is a long-held secret that is now out of the bag. This once hidden agenda is presently entering its final stages of conquering and perverting all of man’s “knowledge”. This conquest involves destroying Bible Credibility by destroying belief in its “Creation Account” of the origin of the universe, Earth, and mankind in six literal days…and replacing that record with Evolution’s “creation account” covering 15 billion years (an age assigned to the process by Kabbalist Nechunya ben HaKanna 2000 years ago).

Aside from the blatantly fraudulent claims upheld solely by virtual-reality computer-created images of anything they want to “discover”, the steady stream of “News” reports now describe as factual all extraterrestrial evolution claims based on that 15 billion year time frame. Thankfully, these reports invariably claim something that reveals the Mickey Mouse Math propping up the whole show.

Indeed, so transparently false is this latest “discovery” that it is almost as if the Kabbalists behind it are testing to make sure that everyone has been so thoroughly dumbed down and brainwashed by their Space Science comic book stories from NASA, etc., that there can no longer be any danger of an uprising that would focus on destroying the vulnerable Copernican Keystone of evolution-based cosmology, and, by so doing, force centuries–and even millennia–of deception into a global limelight.

For example, consider the claim in this “new discovery” of an alleged planet the size of Uranus. This newly “discovered planet” is said to be 50 light years away from Earth, but still “…bright enough to be seen with the naked eye”:

First of all, Uranus itself is about 3/4 of one billion miles away from Earth according to the standard charts. It cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Now, sharpen your pencil (or bring up your calculator) and figure how far One Light Year is in miles…starting with 86,300 miles per second, of course.

Speed of lightDid you get 11,178,000 (eleven million one hundred and seventy eight thousand) miles for One Light Minute?

Good. How about One Light Hour? 670,680,000 miles, right?

And One Light Day? 16,096,320,000 miles. OK? (So One Light Day is over 16 billion miles, i.e., some 20 times as far away as the planet Uranus. Check?)

Now we get to One Light Year (365 x 16,096,320,000) = c. 5,875,000,000,000 miles. That is almost Six Trillion miles for One Light Year. The alleged new planet is said to be some 50 Light Years distant, (…right at our elbows in astronomy speak).

So, now we determine the distance involved in 50 Light Years, i.e., 50 x 5,875,000,000,000 and find that it equals c. 293,750,000,000,000 miles. That is almost 300 trillion miles. One trillion is 1000 x 1,000,000,000. Since we have some 294 trillion, we have 294,000 x 1,000,000,000 miles that this alleged planet is said to be from the Earth!

As my dad used to say when, as a boy, I would do or say something that didn’t make sense: “Use your head for something besides a hat rack!” Look: If we can’t even see the planet Uranus 3/4 of one billion miles away “with our naked eye”, how in the world can we see this alleged earth-like planet claimed to be the size of Uranus “with our naked eye” when we are told that it is 294 trillion miles away?!!

Use your head for something besides a hat rack! The False Science Puppet of the Talmudist/Kabbalist elite has jerked you and me and the rest of the world around long enough with these devilish lies. Wake up!

What we are dealing with here is a scant 50 light years in astronomy speak. We all know, of course, that there is an unrelenting media drumbeat feeding us similar “scientific information” about fantasized stars and galaxies and nebula “out there” in mega-deep space where the Klingons et al have all evolved out of gases and stuff and are up to no good.

This computer-produced video-game “science” tells us that all these components in this factless Kabbalist Universe are hundreds, and thousands, and millions, and up to 15 billion of light years away from Earth!! Try to crunch those numbers down to miles or kilometers and your calculator will melt before your very eyes and the whole effort could cause permanent drain bramage. Wake up!

If you think it is impossible that the whole cosmological paradigm upholding terrestrial and extraterrestrial evolutionism is totally based on deception without one fact to its credit, just begin exposing the Copernican Root of all these cunning deceptions and watch that whole paradigm crash and burn.

Look: There are huge telescopes and satellite dishes all over the world that cost many billions of dollars. These instruments are being employed around the clock to fix permanently in people’s minds a belief in the 15 billion year evolution of the universe, the Earth, and mankind. This uninterrupted agenda exists solely to seek out evolving extraterrestrial life and to protect the Bible-destroying Kabbalist Big Bang “creation scenario” from attack.

These telescopes record the stars going around the Earth every night, [See: Size-Structure Pt 4] but no, no, no; we can’t have that! (“Don’t you know the earth is rotating, you idiot, and that makes it look like the stars are going around?!) The Truth about those telescopes (Hubble included) is that never, never, never has a single one of them ever, ever, ever been able to resolve (give size and shape to) one single star! It is all phony baloney! See for yourself from their quotes. (Read the whole thing [Part VI] and understand the magnitude of the deception emanating from the Space “Science” mind-control apparatus….)

That is what we are dealing with. It’s raw deception from start to finish. But, if we will use the truths now becoming available to us, and shake ourselves awake out of this global mesmerizing stupor induced by faith in a false science Idol, we will very quickly and fully understand what incredibly monstrous deceptions have been pumped into our minds by that anti-Bible, anti-Christ, Pharisaic religion masquerading as “science”!

One more little detail: The same article reporting this latest “discovery” of a Uranus-sized planet 50 light years beyond Earth also said: “More of the estimated 125 ‘extra-solar’ planets have been about the size of Jupiter” (Ibid.).

This is another unvarnished lie. Except through virtual reality computer- programmed simulations based on fraudulent claims about redshift and infrared technology in space, [See: Redshift Fraud] there has never been a planet “discovered” outside this misnamed “solar” system. Period.

Anyone determined to know the truths that expose how this Kabbala-based mythology has blinded the world with its “science falsely so called” (I Tim. 6:20, 21) can know those truths. Those who have never thought about such a challenge to the evolutionary underpinning of all that modern man calls “science” are going to have some reading to do. First, in order to understand and know for a fact how a belief in an evolved universe, Earth, and mankind now underpins all of modern man’s “knowledge” get jump-started with the facts in these seven pages. [See: Knowledge Impact]

Once that indisputable information is understood, go for a clear historical understanding about the Copernican Revolution. See how it paved the way for the Darwinian Revolution (& the Panspermia Revolution in spite of its being an observation-denying model based entirely on assumptions.

Then, if you want to understand how fraudulent technology has produced the Big Bang Kabbalic Kosmological Paradigm, read this first; then add in these facts.

Do you know what Talmudism has to say about ethics, sex, a master race, Jesus, the Bible, etc.? Do you want to know?? [See: Talmud] Do you want to know what Mystic Kabbalism teaches about Tarot Cards, magical numbers, creating sub-humans, Zionism, Dispensationalism, Copernicanism, a 15 billion year old universe, a Big Bang Expanding Universe?? If you do, check out the titles of the seven-part series on “The Kabbala” and pick one and read it. (It’s fascinating stuff. I’ll bet many of you will end up reading all of ‘em….)

Having gone that far, it would be a good idea to just scroll through the descriptive titles of over a hundred links…reading whatever gets your attention. Doing this will provide a pretty good overview of the truly mind-boggling ramifications that flow naturally and inexorably from exposing the universally believed Copernican Model.

That Model is, in short, the greatest of all deceptions throughout human history that has ever been designed to confuse and lead mankind away from God’s Truth…. (I Cor.14:33)


Another Week, Another False Claim

“New Class of Planets Found” one reads in the “Universe Today” summary for August 31, 2004. The pertinent text–accompanied by a now-familiar, photo-like fake image showing an alleged star shinning on an alleged planet–tells us:

Astronomers announced today that they have discovered a new class of extra solar planets which are between 10 and 20 times the mass of the Earth – roughly the same size as Neptune. Two planets were discovered orbiting smaller stars: one around Gilese 436 and another around 55 Cancri…. They were discovered using the radial velocity method, which finds planets because of how they wobble their parent star…. Gilese 436 is located in our galactic backyard, 30 light-years away in the constellation Leo…. The 55 Cancri is about 5 billion years old…and is located 41 light years away in the constellation Cancer….

This is all a Blue-Plate Special of parboiled nonsense being served up by NASA’s corral of Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Kooks [See: Virtual Reality Fraud] who are blindly (or knowingly!) promoting the Kabbalic Kosmos and the g’d behind it.

For the reasons given in the first three pages–and most emphatically for the reasons given [See: Kabbala 6, Redshift Fraud, NASAs Hanky-Panky]–the world is being inundated with this genre of pure fantasy, boldly masquerading as “science” with every such claim that is put out in the media… Watch for such claims. Then grab your calculator every time you see of tens and hundreds and thousands and millions and billions of light year distances to anything in space. They are all imaginary, contra-scientific LIES, and demonstrably so!


Another update on this Disney World “science entitled: “A Shortcut for Planet Hunters” -TIME 11-25-07, p.48:

“Earlier this month, astronomers from San Francisco State University, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington announced the discovery of a fifth planet around the star 55 Cancri, which is 41 light years away in the constellation Cancer. The find makes that star system the most heavily populated one known other than our sun’s and raises to 265 the total of extra solar planets since astronomers began discovering them in 1995.” With the usual blather about “liquid water can exist” and “warm enough and wet enough to get biology going”, the truth somehow crept into this article. NOTE: “…the new world is too small and distant to be spotted by telescope. Instead it was discovered by measuring the tiny wobbles its gravity imposes on the motion of its parent star….”

How much longer will the world allow these kinds of factless fantasies to go on in the name of “science and at taxpayer’s expense”??!

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