Kepler Telescope Lies from NASA

Kepler Telescope Lies from NASA


The Claims

“NASA’s Kepler planet-hunting satellite reported on Wednesday that they had identified 1,235 possible planets orbiting other stars….” (NY Times: 2/2/11) “NASA finds earth-size Planet Candidates in the Habitable Zone.” (….) “Kepler dramatically boosts exoplanet count…about 2000 light years from earth.” (ABC Science) “Cosmic census finds crowd of planets in our galaxy.” (Yahoo!News) “…an extraordinary planet windfall, a moment that will be written in the textbooks. It will be thought of as a watershed.” (Ibid. NYT, p.2)

Comment: Hundreds of such claims are found on the Net. ALL describe such finds AS A FACT, a “watershed, textbook moment” for Space Science. It’s all lies. Read on:

The Overriding Agenda behind the Claims

“At least 500 million of those 50 billion Milky Way planets [!!] are in the…zone where life could exist.” (ibid.Yahoo!) “Of the new exoplanet candidates, Fifty-four are in the habitable zones…where temperatures should be moderate enough for liquid water.” (Ibid. NYT) SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute) folks joyfully join the chorus of praise with: “A Landslide of Kepler Exoplanet Candidates” leads into 16 page coverage ( “…Kepler has turned science-fiction into today’s reality”, said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. “These discoveries underscore the importance of NASA’s science missions which consistently increase understanding of our place in the cosmos.”

Comment: NASA’s Agenda Is Unvarying. Their tax-funded billions every year remain wholly dedicated to their “Origins Program to Find Our Cosmic Roots.” That Program has established the alternate “creation model” of the Pharisee Religion.

NASA’s “Explanation” Of How the Kepler Telescope Works

“The [Kepler] telescope sees [lie] planet’s footprints as it passes across the face of its parent star, just like a gnat flying past your computer screen will block a bit of light.” “Kepler, a space telescope, looks for planet signatures [How?] by measuring tiny decreases in the brightness of stars caused by planets crossing in front of them [the stars]. They see nothing… This is known as a transit.” It’s “…like looking at a headlight at a great distance and trying to sense the brightness change when a flea crosses the surface.” “Kepler [exoplanet] 11 is located c. 2000 light years from Earth….”

Comment: 2000 light years is about 12000 Trillion Miles. Got it? Even if stars were known to be “suns”–which they emphatically are not known to be –our sun’s 870,000 mile diameter would be over 700 million times smaller than we see it. And any earth-like exoplanet ”transiting” an alleged “sun” would have to be over 100 times smaller than 700 million times. It takes 1000 x One Billion to make One Trillion. It takes 12000 Trillion miles to make the claimed 2000 light years. Is there anyone not totally hypnotized by the Pharisee Religion’s Virtual Reality Universe who can believe that earth-like planets (8000 mile diameter) have been found “transiting” a “star/sun” that is 12000 trillion miles away…and this has been done by detecting a decrease in the light emitted by an unresolveably small star/sun being “transited” by an unseen “exoplanet”??!

But that is not all we are asked to believe that Kepler can do! Additionally, we are told that Kepler can reveal from these unseen “transits” 12000 trillion miles away “gravitational interference” which enables it to “calculate their [the “exoplanets”] masses and densities” and confirm “substantial envelopes of light gases”! And all this at a distance 720 million times as far away as our sun!! Do we recognize an infinitely huge crock of offal when we see such claims, or, again, are we all hypnotized to the degree that we continue to call such “profane and vain babbling” Science??!

Facts about Telescopes Falsify “Kepler” And All Space Science Claims

“If one could look through the 200 inch (17′) telescope on Mt. Palomar, one would see stars as nothing more than the same points of light you would see by simply walking outside and looking up. Why are stars the sole hold out in the resolution revolution up to now?

Comment: No telescope has ever shown a resolution of a star (always “imaged” as round “suns”). Stars are Points of light. That’s it. The rest is computer programmed lies – from the “father of lies” (John 8:44). Think of any star point of light you can see through the 200 inch telescope as being the same size as you see by just looking up. Then imagine a speck about 108 times smaller crossing a point of light with that diameter and tell yourself that you believe the Kepler telescope can tell the speck has “transited”–not because anything is seen!–but because it registers a change in the luminosity of a tiny point of light that is 12000 trillion miles away! And, oh yeah; it calculates the unseen speck’s “mass and density and confirms “light gasses”. The gases are from NASA and they’re not light!

Anyone who is beginning to smell a very big rat in all such fact-free lies from NASA’s RELIGIOUS “Origins Program to Find Our Cosmic Roots” can find a ton of juicy fodder for your blackberry/facebook/twitter, etc. on this site (

In addition to the wealth of information on phony telescopes, check out the Positional Astronomy Library with its 185 big-bang based routines for your computer. Find out what a farce Infrared Astronomy is. Don’t miss the lies built on Mass-Luminosity-Magnitude-Distance and the Apparent Magnitude & Absolute Magnitude chicanery. Then there’s Radiation of Light, an-all-time -favorite, and The Drake Equation, by Drake the Flake.

The latest bull by NASA on Kepler Telescope (8 July 2021)

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to Kepler Telescope Lies from NASA

  1. Richard says:

    Great reading… We need to publicize more about Nasa’s deceitfulness…
    Only Yeshua will be able to undo and remove this deception from the brains of humans, especially from the young minds… I was told to get out of my Church because I once mentioned that Earth was flat. One of the Pastor worked for NASA until he retired and begin his “mission” to continue to live in the lie, even knowing that he was studying the become a Pastor. Everything is upside down…


  2. Lynn Huston says:

    Dear owner of this website,

    I am so thankful to discover that you have retained some of the information – the work – of Marshall Hall and his Fixed Earth website. I despaired deeply at discovering that his website and all his extensive work – so deeply valuable – was gone! I’m assuming that Marshall’s wife Bonnie who kept the website up after his death, must have eventually died herself, and with her, the website…

    I had gone in hopes of printing off his excellent treatment of the subject of Telescopes and the trickery employed by NASA and the Vatican, and was crushed to find the website gone — Irretrievable.

    However, apparently you have saved some of his work, and I would be very grateful if you would be willing to share with me some of his writings, as I would love to have them to draw from and share with my family.

    Thank you ever so much. The subject of earth as GOD made it – stable (not moving) and firm/fixed under His throne, gives me deep and reverent joy and satisfaction.

    And I’m very glad to have found YOUR website here, again, just now, by “accident” (!) – for I had failed to save or bookmark it previously and didn’t know if I’d find it again. (*smile*)

    So happy to have the opportunity to peruse what you have presented here again, and awfully glad to see you are actively adding new articles. The enemy is doing his best to turn interest AWAY from the topic of the earth as it was truly created to be. There is a strong campaign underway to drive disinterest and direct traffic away from the subject. (Almost as if to say that it IS eye-opening TRUTH. It saddens me really. And knowing that even the Christian crowd (real and pseudo) has been strongly dissuaded and wrongly steered against the truth by supposedly Bible-centric Creation ministries. They don’t know THE JOY they are missing out on! — Knowing our Creator and His creation in a way SO affirming and freeing, and LIVING in THE WONDER of THE REALITIES present in it. Ahh! THAT just put joy in my heart, into my voice and onto my face, just to say it and think it.

    Rejoicing in the Hope that lies before us,
    Your sister in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ,

    Lynn Huston (Phoenix, AZ)


    • revealed4you says:

      Hello Lynn,

      Thank you for writing a long letter and sending words of encouragement. This really makes it all worth while! As you see, there is another article from the fix-earth website. I suggest you keep coming back to find other articles that I post. I have posted over half of what they had on this website. Soon, you’ll have all their articles.

      Share this information with friends and family and on social media sites (if you are on any). Take care and God bless. Richard


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