Debunk Roswell UFO Crash

Debunk Roswell UFO Crash


The Historical Archives have finally been opened and studied relating to the Evolution-based UFO Saga in Roswell, New Mexico. This development threatens to jerk a bit of a knot in the agendas of ongoing media-fueled promotions, all focused on big talk about technologically advanced extraterrestrial aliens.

Roswell-1The tie-in of the UFO issue to this web page is, of course, that the whole concept of evolutionism which now infuses not only all of modern man’s “knowledge”–but also a whole range of deep-seated beliefs–is a concept that is entirely dependent on maintaining an unshakable faith in the Copernican Model of a rotating and orbiting earth.

That this Model is what upholds and makes possible the anti-Bible Origins Scenario of the anti-Christian religion–masquerading as theoretical science–is no longer in doubt. This openly anti-Christ, anti-Bible religion has established the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm of the Universe, Earth, and Mankind, as can be seen. This Paradigm has made possible ALL extra-terrestrial-based beliefs in “aliens”, a belief that is the accepted theme of a great percentage of all films, TV programs, books, and other media.

In other words, so-called “entertainment” is a major vehicle for indoctrinating unwary people into accepting evolutionism without the slightest idea of what is really going on. This indoctrination is pumped relentlessly into tens and hundreds of millions of minds every day and night. This ongoing UFO concept has played its role in this indoctrination for over a half century.

But now some important information has come out that could cause people to awaken to the reality of this whole indoctrination process:

The History Channel program on UFO’s (aired 11/20/04 locally) was made possible after 1998 by the opening of a dozen big boxes containing thousands of pages of files which made up the Government’s Archives relating to the alleged half century of cover-up of alleged “proof” of the existence of UFO’s around the Roswell, New Mexico Air Base.

After meticulous inspection of all these pages by a team of researchers–some of whom leaned toward a belief in a Government cover-up of actual UFO landings and sightings of “aliens”, etc.–the conclusion was unanimous: No such evidence exists.

That there have been actual military experiments that were lied about and kept secret, the documents confirmed. That those secrets in any way involved aliens from outer space, the documents denied.

The testing of the effect of parachuting from special weather balloons at 100,000 ft. altitude was found in the records but not reported. This explained some “UFO sightings”.

The secret use of chimps dressed in “space suits”…whose bodies were taken from their crashed capsules in the desert and unintentionally witnessed by some civilians, added fuel to the alien mythology. So also did badly burned bodies taken from an on-base plane crash and worked on by a lying doctor and a nurse he invented to enhance his phony claim that these were bodies of “aliens”.

A real experimental “flying saucer” with a 40 ft. diameter had been secretly tested by the military at that base…which further helped to explain a lot about the reported UFO sightings.

Thus, the long and short of all the UFO hype from that base (for almost 60 years now) is that the recently opened and studied Archives of this Mother of all UFO mythology–i.e., the alleged military cover-up of UFO’s and Aliens seen at the Roswell, NM base–proved two things conclusively: One: The military conducted top secret experiments at that base which it denied and lied about. Two: There was absolutely no evidence of any UFO’s or Aliens that had been covered up. Furthermore, the real experiments that were conducted on various projects were of such a nature so as to create visual apparitions that would account for the claims made by people who testified that they had seen UFO’s and even “aliens”.

Interestingly, the researchers concluded also that there were deeply-committed believers in UFO’s whose minds would not be persuaded by the Archival evidence about the Roswell claims… any more than the evidence from dozens of other investigations that had arrived at the same conclusion, namely, the conclusion that it is all a media-fueled hoax spun off of otherwise explainable phenomena. Their report also pointed out that the once sleepy town of Roswell itself has grown to a city of 50,000 and now accommodates tens of thousands of tourists who go there to partake of the UFO reputation the site has.

What folks now need to recognize in light of these researcher’s conclusions is that, historically, there has been an increasingly sophisticated evolutionary propaganda effort that began in earnest over 4-1/2 centuries ago with the aptly named “Copernican Revolution”. This unceasing and ever- escalating implantation of an evolutionary mind-set in people everywhere has successfully blanketed academia and literature and all other media since that time.

Since the early 1980’s particularly, this indoctrination effort has gone to all-out “blitz mode”. Now, unlimited opportunities for fraudulent use of computerized Space Telescopes and Cameras and Redshift and Infrared technologies, etc., to “certify” the requirements of extraterrestrial evolutionism are routinely exploited to the hilt.

Add to this unrestrained abuse of otherwise marvelous technology the admitted evolutionary agenda of the NASA-led Space Program and you will begin to understand just how deep and far-reaching this deception has become.

Once that sinks in, another leap of understanding is available to those who want to see for themselves the no-longer-secret identity of the RELIGION that is the driving force behind all of this fantastic deception which claims that evolution is a “scientific” concept.

“Virtual Reality” instead of “Real Reality” is the entire focus of The Theoretical Science Establishment today. Take a few minutes to savor the rhapsodic descriptions on this one page link about the Virtual Reality universe that computer cyberpunks have created out of absolutely nothing real; i.e., no facts whatsoever.

These things–when taken together with the recent opening of the archival evidence pooh-poohing all the Roswell-generated UFO mythology–should provide a welcome big chunk of Truth for those who are interested in being free of all evolution-driven extraterrestrial deception that now undergirds every bit of modern man’s academia-approved “knowledge”.


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  1. Richard says:

    Once your eyes are open about NASA deceitfulness, every picture, everything they talk about on TV, press news, and social media, becomes so irrelevant, it annoys you.


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