Over-Specialized Science

Over-Specialized Science

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Speaking of “…the dysfunctional nature of over-specialized science…” many scientists conclude that:

“The only recourse in this situation is to return to the empirical approach to science, that is, to work from the observable present back through time as far as reliable information can be extracted and to undertake laboratory experiments to test ideas…. In the age of the theoretician and computer modeller [we must] accept that theorists do not understand gravity or electrical effects in plasma….”15 “The great depths of layered material…found on Mars, a desert planet with little atmosphere, must call into question conventional ideas about…layered rock. The moon and some asteroids, where wind an water never existed, also show evidence of layering….”16 “…The crater above [in pic.] can be explained simply by using the electric universe model. The layering predated the crater. The crater is electrical, not impact. The so-called erosion was an integral part of the formation of the center, caused by rotating Birkeland filaments the form in which electrical energy is transported across the cosmos….”

“…water played no part in the [Martian} hematite deposition….

The pattern need not be related to topography as we should expect if a lake were involved….”

Again, checking the context and the pictures from which these quotations were derived will allay any doubts that the real scientific explanations for craters, rilles, and canyons on Mars are not to be found in the spiritually driven evolutionary “science” of the Theoretical Science Establishment.

Those who haven’t heard much of anything about the Electric Universe Model or the scientists with that concept can get an overview. Given the unabashed emphasis on the goal of establishing evolutionism as the engine of creation of all that exists in the heavens and on earth, it is to be expected that the Mars Missions are revealing the dysfunctional nature of over-specialized science. This development has virtually replaced experimentally tested and observationally certified science.

This dysfunctional science rests solely on assumptions that are locked into the requirements of the Big Bang Paradigm. As demonstrated, [See: Kabbala 1], this Paradigm is nothing more or less than the “creation scenario” of the religion of Pharisaic Kabbalism using The Theoretical Science Establishment as a front perceived by the world as a purely secular operation.

A lot more needs to be understood about the increasing compartmentalizing of science and its utter dependency upon observation-denying hypotheses and mathematical models based solely on assumptions. Relevant to this problem it is instructive to recall what Hannes Alfven–winner of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics and a whole string of the most prestigious medals and honors–said a few years back:

“We should remember that there once was a discipline called natural philosophy. Unfortunately, this discipline seems not to exist today [he said in 1988]. It has been renamed science, but science today is in danger of loosing much of the natural philosophy aspect. Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquires into their own territory. In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that the intrusion from other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources and thus diminish their own opportunity for research..”

“Alfven was the first to predict (in 1963) the large scale filmentary structure of the universe, a discovery that confounded astrophysicists in 1991 and added to the woes of Big Bang Cosmology…. He is also regarded as the father of the branch of plasma physics known as magnetohydrodynamics…. His postulation in 1937 of a galactic magnetic field forms the basis today for one of the fastest growing areas of research in astrophysics – Cosmic Magnetism.

(Note the picture of the Levitating Globe on the first page of this website. This illustrates a basic feature of Cosmic Magnetism. It also illustrates how a Biblically stationary Earth can be “hung on nothing” at the center of the universe… and why geostationary satellites only work at a quite precise distance from the Earth, i. e., c.22, 240 miles. The work of Alfven et al needs only an understanding of the Biblical Size and Structure of the Universe to give full credibility to the main scientific parameters of their wholly intelligible Electric Universe Concept.)

Etienne Klein and Marc Lachieze-Rey (The Quest for Unity – The Adventure of Physics) see the same problem with today’s science as it is being expressed in the Mars Missions:

“…modern science seems to have exploded into a multitude of highly specialized areas and distinct disciplines…that by and large ignore one another….”21

The result of this compartmentalizing of science disciplines is that factual, observable, scientifically demonstrable Truth about the origin of the universe, the earth, and mankind that can be certified in every single scientific discipline–and the unbendable logic of Intelligent Design–has been not only subordinated in each case, but has been declared anathema and replaced by the Kabbalic Evolutionary Paradigm. The Creation Truths of God have been replaced in all of the sciences and, indeed, all of modern man’s “knowledge by a pagan counterfeit origin scenario found in the anti-Bible, anti-Christ Kabbala promoting another god.

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