Reason Behind Mars Mission

Reason Behind Mars Mission


That counterfeit origins scenario and the counterfeit god behind it constitute the whole underlying agenda of NASA’s Space Science Enterprise. From its inception, the overriding purpose for the Mars Missions has been made unmistakably plain…as seen in Part I and this more recent quote:

Egypt and Mars terrain“The search for water drives all of NASA’s Mars missions, because water is the key ingredient required for life.”

In short, all of the Mars Missions are specifically designed to “discover” any sign of liquid water or microbial life. Along with universal media compliance and a constantly reinforced bombardment of evolution babble (which the public has been schooled to receive as scientific truth), it is expected that such “discoveries” will then be counted as “proof” that extraterrestrial evolutionism is a scientific fact.

This “fact” will then “confirm” the recent “Paradigm Shift” of the Evolution Establishment. For a century and a half the world has been indoctrinated into the belief that the alleged mechanisms of Darwinism are what started life on Earth. But now–as we saw even devoted evolutionary scientists have abandoned that myth. The new Evolutionary Paradigm…the new myth…of how life on Earth and throughout the universe had its beginnings is now locked into the “Panspermia” concept whereby comets spew out bacteria all over the universe and it evolves into ETs and Klingons and Evolutionary Scientists.

In this effort to establish this crazy Kabbalist Kosmos that is 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick and swarming with evolving life, the Mars Missions are critical. Make no mistake: The Mars Missions are meant to make evolutionism the winner in the “creation sweepstakes” and put Bible Creationism (and Bible credibility on through the New Testament of Jesus Christ) out of business.

In addition to all the claims and speculations from the Rovers over the next couple of months, the real wild card in the Kabbalist’s hand will be the return of the thimble full of alleged comet exhaust allegedly captured in the “Stardust” operation before the Rovers ever landed. That alleged exhaust is scheduled for return to Earth in January, 2006. At that time its wispy contents will be examined with great fanfare and appropriately faked trepidation as to whether it contains bacteria or not.

As that scheduled but presently muted drama unfolds, the credibility of the evolutionary “creation story” now resting on acceptance of the new “Panspermia Paradigm” (based on the expulsion of bacteria by comets) will have its chance to claim final victory over Bible Creationism if bacteria is allegedly found on Mars or in that vial of comet exhaust (to be confirmed by a select group of allegedly impartial scientists).

Notwithstanding all this scheming, there is one scientific issue which is guaranteed to stop the tax-funded Kabbalic evolutionary bandwagon in its tracks. That issue is equally guaranteed to establish worldwide an irresistible and irrefutable slam dunk case for Bible inerrancy from Genesis I through Revelation XXII.

That one scientific issue is the leitmotif of this web page, namely, that Copernicanism is the demonstrably factless and vulnerable keystone of all false science and false religion. Once the exposure of Copernicanism’s baselessness is complete, it will quickly become evident that Copernicanism is also the Achilles Heel of all deception which is dependent on the rotating and orbiting Earth concept. Very little mental strain is required to comprehend that the result of the demise of Copernicanism will usher in a separation of the world’s populations into the Satan worshippers and God worshippers plainly described in Rev. 13:2b-7; etc.

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