Abundance of Hanky-Panky

Abundance of Hanky-Panky

Credit: fixedearth.com

Also, it is good to remember the abundance of hanky-panky involving cameras used in space “science”. Now, with the Mars Missions in high gear, the state-of- the-art capabilities for deception through computerized construction of any virtual reality images needed can be passed off as the real thing. Example:

“…a closeup picture of tiny spheres embedded in a Martian rock has some people seeing fossilized life…. In one strangely colored image of Stone Mountain, the smallish rock with the outsized name in which the spherules are embedded, other spherules are seen scattered in the surrounding soil. The radical color enhancement–done purposely to bring out differences in composition …-gives the spheres an eerie, perhaps even lifelike appearance. But this is not real. In a true color image of the same scene, the spheres are unremarkable…..”

In sharp contrast to all the ongoing hoopla involving unsubstantiated explanations and assertions about the existence of lakes and rivers and likely evolving microbial life on Mars (deduced from the real and fake pictures released [See: Mars Missions 1]), those who are really interested will want to compare these other explanations and conclusions about what the real pictures tell us. For example:

“Most of the soil and rock found on Mars has been recently excavated from the depths of craters, canyons, and channels…. If the rocks are time capsules from the past it is a very recent past. They have had no time to weather. And the story they tell will not fit any conventional geological theory.” “…The soil and rocks on Mars have lain exposed for a mere few thousand years, not millions and billions of years.

They have not been exposed to water or had time to weather. Crater floors are formed not by impact [Standard NASA explanation] but by a rotating arc that neatly machines the circular crater, leaving a flat floor.”7 “Spirit has found the tell-tale signature of carbonates. The problem is to know what tale it is telling. Mars has changed so drastically in the recent past that its story may be indecipherable. But it is certain that it cannot be used to prove a hypothetical greenhouse existed on Mars aeons ago….”8 “The lunar surface has been subjected to electrical cratering and channel formation like that on Mars. (The only difference is that scientists have given up on the idea of channels, or rilles, on the moon were formed by water).” 9 “…The first microscopic investigation of the Martian Soil supports the Electric Universe Model….”10 “In the search for water on Mars there is a powerful human tendency to see only what you expect to find. Contrary data is forgotten or dismissed from consideration….

In a news report about the pictures of the colossal canyons of Valles Marineris, The European Space Agency said: “One looks at a landscape which has been predominately shaped by the erosional action of water….”

Contrast that interpretation with this rebuttal:

“This offhanded statement from ESA is not supported by any of the geologists who have studied Valles Marineris. All now attribute the formation of its canyons to faulting of the Martian crust…. The great canyons and channels on Mars were not carved by water….Potentially billions of dollars are about to be wasted chasing the mirage of hidden water on Mars.”13

A second report of eight pages released on Feb. 4, ‘04 by holoscience.com is entitled: “Opportunity Favors the Heretic”. As with the report on Spirit, the countering of various claims by NASA and ESA–along with a detailed scientific analysis and appropriate photos–will be fully understood by reading the whole piece. Note these few teasers:

“Astronomers have not been able to show theoretically or empirically that the elements come from supernovas, or that the planets came from a collapsing nebula…. Similarly, geologists have never witnessed a crater formed by cosmic impact…. Products of short-lived radioactive isotopes found in some meteorites contradict the 4.5 billion year story….”

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  1. ‘NASA’ …. never a straight answer….
    as they say in AUssie…..
    they couldn’t ‘lie’ straight in bed…


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