NASA’s Engineers and Scientists

NASA’s Engineers and Scientists

Whether they be engineers, astrophysicists, “exobiologists”, or something else, they all share one conviction that enables them to function under NASA’s “Origins Program” which has the stated agenda of exploring space in search of “our cosmic roots”. That one conviction is that the universe, the Earth, and Mankind are the products of an evolutionary process over many billions of years.

Personally, I appreciate what engineers get done in the world, and no less so the nifty stuff they turn out for the space program. You can’t fake too much of that. On January 31st I happened to catch a C-span presentation of NASA engineers celebrating (with champagne) the success of getting the 2nd Rover off its lander and the claim that there is hematite evident in the soil. There was an audience of a hundred or so news people and space buffs. All were tickled with the news.

The engineers were appropriately happy with their part in the success. There were a couple of semi-challenging questions about whether this hematite basically proved that there had been a lot of liquid water around in the past. There was considerable hedging about that. Four billion years was mentioned along with the several admitted guess-taments. No one bothered to acknowledge the fact that hematite is common where no water has been involved. Not in the script, I suppose.

Engineering accomplishments aside, their collusion in an enterprise that basically exists to establish evolutionism in space is really what is on the table here. As the workhorses behind state-of-the-art computerized technology being employed in the space program, they make it possible for the theoretical scientists to pursue the evolutionary objective of the program. The “exobiologists” in the Sagan mold, represent a “science” without the first piece of data. The “astrophysicists” are in the same boat. As can be seen over and overall of their big talk about star makeup and size and distance is absolutely fabricated from fraudulent use of technology to achieve their goal of establishing evolutionism.

Factoring all this in, there are four major things one must wonder about concerning the NASA team of engineers and theoretical scientists. Do they know that the end-result of all their efforts is: 1)…To uphold a belief that the ineffable design displayed in the universe, the earth, and themselves came about by accident without a Designer over billions of years? 2)…To either remove God from the process or “allow” some enigmatic Pagan god concept to get the credit? 3)…To discredit and dispose of the Biblical concept of the origin of the universe, the earth, and themselves? 4)…To be the dupes of an anti-Christ religion which is fulfilling its evolution-based “creation scenario” while deceptively presenting itself as “secular science” by enlisting unwary(?) engineers and scientists in this spiritual warfare??

Do these engineers really want to be a bunch of Edomites in this murder of the God of the Bible??

The Martian Landscape: A Reality Check

“It is material [on Mars] that was deposited at the bottom of these rivers…. There is no other phenomena that we know of that would produce these effects…. We are sure this is evidence of flowing water on Mars….”

So concludes Gerhard Newkum, designer of the Mars Express High- Resolution Stereo Camera…. However, two inches further down in the article, we read:

“No firm evidence exists that there is or ever has been liquid water on Mars….”3

Anyway, among other things, we need to be mindful that–as admitted:

“…water does not equal life.”

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