Masks Forbidden in Church!

Masks Forbidden in Church! – Orthodox Priest Explains Why

  Face covering is against our Orthodox Christian religious beliefs. In Scripture, hiding one’s face always means, shame, distrust, unfavorable position, division and separation. Our Loving God has invited us to the feast, and if we come to the Lord’s Supper with fear that He will infect us with any kind of disease, and we demonstrate it by wearing a mask, we will insult Him in front of everyone.

Long ago, Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their noses and mouths broke their wills and individuality, and depersonalized them. It made them submissive. Modern psychology explains it: without a face we don’t exist as independent beings. The mask is the beginning of deleting individuality.

Many of our spiritual shepherds – the bishops, have blindly followed the unconstitutional orders of the State authorities and closed churches to the believers. Shame on them! They will not escape the righteous wrath of God.

We are witnessing unprecedented events in our country and around the world. The novel virus COVID-19 struck fear into the millions of people worldwide. In a response to the health crisis many countries have introduced various measures in order to control the spread of COVID-19. Many of those measures, however, are so irrational and tyrannical that they violate both man’s law and our inalienable God-given rights.

Some of these Draconian measures restrict the freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom to go to and worship in church, and freedom to have businesses opened, and in several countries children that “show symptoms of COVID-19” are taken away from their parents into quarantine without their parental permission. In other words – the medicine became deadlier than the disease itself.

It is obvious that there are many powerful people in the world who are exploiting this crisis in order establish absolute and complete global control of human population by destroying the world economy, erasing history, and resetting all aspects of human life to a “new normal”, which, of course will not be to the benefit of humanity, but only to their personal gain.

Unfortunately, the very real health crisis is being politicized, especially in this country, in anticipation of the presidential elections in November. We have been subjected to relentless bombardment with horrifying information about death rates every day, 24/7. It seems like death and mortality did not exist before COVID-19! Nobody is reporting about survival rates or recovery rate which is 99.96%. This systematic fear mongering by the militant socialist movement (MSM) could be easily classified as psychological terrorism! No wonder the whole nation is consumed by the COVID hysteria.

There are many contradictory statements and recommendations given by various health professionals, which only add to the confusion and further divisions. One of the greatest controversies is wearing of a face masks in public places. This topic is a subject of a great debate by health professionals and legal counselors. As many of you already know, on August 13th the City Council and Mayor of Omaha (Nebraska) passed an Emergency Ordinance (a “Face mask mandate”) for all public places, including places of worship. The Ordinance provides numerous exceptions to wearing a mask such as in a bar or restaurant, but a mask is required in a church unless one is socially distanced 6 feet from others (except those in one’s “household”). The Ordinance’s use of “household” is nonsensical. For example, an adult child who no longer lives with her parents, even if they rode to church together, must either sit six feet away from mom and dad OR wear a mask.

“2300 years ago, long before Islam, Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their noses and mouths, broke their wills and individuality, and depersonalized them. It made them submissive. That’s why they imposed on every woman the mandatory use of a fabric over her face. Then Islam turned it into the woman’s symbol of submission to Allah, the man owner of the Harem, and the King. Modern psychology explains it: without a face we don’t exist as independent beings. The child looks in the mirror between the ages of two and three and is discovered as an independent being. The mask is the beginning of deleting individuality. He who does not know his history is condemned to repeat it.”

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to Masks Forbidden in Church!

  1. Leni says:

    Thank you for sharing pragmatic truth. It is such a distressing, constructed, manipulated and debilitating time. I feel so angry at how we are being controlled, so powerless. I am just keeping my head down and focused as much as I can, but the psychological torture is infuriating. And there’s no one to really talk to about it because you get labelled a conspiracy theorist etc etc. aagh! 🙂

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    • revealed4you says:

      I realise how lonely it could be when everyone believes the media. In the meantime, read the Bible, ask for strength and guidance; learn why we are chastised by God and how to get out of it – it’s all in the Bible.

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  2. Stacey McStationary says:

    Masks are a slave symbol and have nothing to do with health and safety. It’s a mass occult humiliation ritual. Thanks for posting!


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