Comment On Distance of Stars Debunked

Comment On Distance of Stars Debunked

As flat earth believers, we have all come across our critics. Some ask and make rational questions and statements. Then, there are others do not think about what they are saying. Well, here is a comment that I received recently that is typical of those who really don’t want to search for the truth – for whatever reason. I’ll put his words in italics and make my comments following it. This comment was in response to “Distance of Stars Debunked.”

The stars appear to move so fast in the sky because the earth is also spinning.

He assumes the Earth is spinning and did not address the possibility that it’s the stars moving around the Earth.

I wouldn’t say its accurate at all to call this website a ministry as that would imply that it is in any way a core and major portion of Christian faith that one must hold to a geocentric model of the universe (in a scientific sense rather than the prophetic sense that is quite clear in Scripture.

The reader obviously didn’t take time to read through CFEM website. If he did, he would have seen the section that is titled Bible Study, Bible and Flat Earth sections. If he did, he would have seen other topics on the Bible.

This reader did what the fake news media does and those oppose the truth and that is, he sets up “a straw man.” What that is, is an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. This is what ‘Joe’ did (not his real name). The fact is, that I NEVER said the flat Earth is the core of Christianity, nor have I implied it. This shows that Joe has not read through our website.

When Joe said ‘that it’s quite clear in Scripture,’ he obviously haven’t read the post of all the verses that refer to the geocentric Earth. It’s these verses that are quite clear!

Scripture states unequivocally that the sphere of prophecy is upon the earth)

Where did he get this ‘sphere of prophecy’ in the Bible? I didn’t find it! If it is there, it certainly sound metaphorically.

The core of Christian faith is that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He did not come to preach that the earth was round or flat but to be the atonement for all mankind.

This is another example of a ‘straw man’ issue of intentionally misrepresenting what I said. Have you read anything like this on CFEM website? No. I thought so. Well, he seems to have. It would help if he reads before he opens his mouth.

From this statement, I get the feeling that Joe is from the typical jew-deo-Christian church. This is typical of churches today, in that all they preach is: Christ is love, love is Christ and makes 52 sermons a year on it. This Joe and millions like him think or they imply that we should read only the Gospels and nothing else; not the rest of the New Testament and certainly not the Old Testament. Even just reading the Gospels, a thinking Christian would know that Christ did not want you to just read His words. Christ Himself said that every word is important for doctrine; that anyone who adds to the book, so shall the plagues of the Earth be added to him; for everyone who takes away from the book, so shall his name be taken from the Book of Life. So, this critic should realise that we have to study the WHOLE Bible and not the parts that he just likes. And that includes the verses that talk about the stationary Earth and how the heavens were created.

Christ said, if you love me, you’ll obey my Commandments. What are His Commandments? The Laws, Statues and Judgements! The 10 Commandments, by the way, is just the summation of ALL the laws. So, to read the Laws, Statues and Judgements, you have to go back to the Old Testament.

Why do the typical Christians think that only what Christ said is the only topic to disuss? If that was the case, we would not have the Bible as we have it today. Again, the whole Bible for our learning, our edification.

When a good preacher, and I’m talking about a good one gives a sermon, he talks on other topics in the Bible and not just Christ. The Bible is a book of life. Let me repeat that: the Bible is a book of life. That means it tells us: how husbands are to treat wives, how to raise children, our foreing policy, our immigration policy, food laws, they type of government we should have. And, I can go on and on.

Sadly, as Joe implied, that I should write just about Christ. Is this what Christ said to His followers? No. A lot of what He said were words right out of the Old Testament! We know that the Gospels did not give a transcript of everything that Christ said in His short ministry or it would take many books to record it. Christ talked about others things and you can be sure it was reading from the Scriptures (which is the Old Testament), and that would include the verses of that which relates to the Sun, Moon, stars and Earth. The very verses that us, flat earthers use.

But in your modern day churches, you won’t hear this. Why? Because it would put out of positions of power those that are in control now. God said that His words would, metaphorically, turn the world upside down. How? Because the economic laws, for example, would not allow for the greed and corruption that made many of these multi-millionaires and billionaires to be where they are today.

What the typical Christian, like Joe doesn’t know is, that there are many ways that a person finds Christ. One way is via information about the flat Earth. From personal experience, there is a friend of mine who wasn’t a Christian and didn’t know about the flat earth. After I told him he said to me, “Then that means there is a God.”

I have read other testimonies of people learning about Christ and the Bible AFTER being introduced to the flat Earth. So, yes, Joe this is a MINISTRY!

There are many ways in which people learn about the Bible, and the flat Earth is just one of them. Another way is when a person is told about God’s Law and how superior it is to man’s laws; of how it solves economic, social and health issues that we now face. But of course, they won’t hear this from their churches. Why? Because, ‘the powers-that-be’ don’t want you to know this. And, if that person, who was introduced to the flat Earth, is a member of the typical church, they would have a harder time believing. Not because of the information, but because they will face pressure from their pastor/priest ‘that the Law has been done away with.’ They know that ANYTHING that is not supported by their church, they will face pressure to drop the subject or to leave the church. So, this may be where this Joe is coming from.

When all humanity stands in the Valley of Decision and Christ claims His own, God the Father will not ask those that remain in judgement whether or not they knew that the earth was round or flat but whether they knew Him.

We all know that. However, part of knowing God is to read your whole Bible! This is what the churches deliberately ignore, because they want to be accepted by the world; they don’t want to be ‘politically incorrect.’

In closing, I want to thank this guy for writing as he did, as it gave me the bases to write this article. I hope that this article will be of help to you when confronted by Christians but who are critics of the flat Earth.

The flat Earth is one of many truths of God that is being hidden. And, if the flat Earth information is the first truth that people learn that is being deliberately hidden from them, hopefully, they will learn about other Bible truths hidden from them; then other truths hidden from us that is outside of the Bible.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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