Covid-19: The Joke Is On Us

Covid-19: The Joke Is On Us

In Wuhan, China, where the “deadly” covidvirus got its start, thousands and thousands of people gathered for party going at a water park and to attend a music festival. Looks like the joke is on us! Of course, we know why the evil leaders are perpetrating this contagious virus thing. Because they found it’s a perfect way to: bankrupt small businesses, put millions in poverty, and perfect cover to kill of millions (per UN Agenda 21), while China is not out to destroy its people or country.

You’ll notice some negative comments such as: I don’t want to be where there are so many people. Or, I don’t want touch wet skin with strangers. These people are still under mind-control, as they completely miss the point. The point is, that there is no “contagious virus.” But don’t be surprised if we hear an “outbreak” in our country because of the number of people at a beach, for example. You can be sure that these numbers would come from: a certain number of cases that are completely made up; people who died of other causes.

Keep in mind that every day in China, as of this writing, there are thousands of gatherings taking place that normally happens everyday, such as: shoppers at malls, business meetings, parties, concerts, restaurants, etc. So, this pool party is just one example of where people are now mingling in China. It’s about time other countries get back to normal, too!


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