Flat Earth Believers vs Christian Deniers of the Flat Earth

Christians are the primary group of people who would be interested in knowing about the flat earth. After all, it is God’s creation that we are talking about. However, there are some very misinformed Christians who attack those who believe in the flat earth. In fact, some of them are not honest and they should know it. Below are excerpts from a long article on a major Christian website. This website primary aim and subject of conversation is Creationism. Their website is:


The article in question is titled: The flat-earth myth and creationism

They have about a dozen articles attacking in one way or another us Flat Earthers. Below are just excerpts from it followed by my comments. For the original article Click Here.

With this information, you’ll see that other such articles follow the same pattern. Then, you’ll be able to defend the flat earth knowledge.

First, we’ll look at the author of the article, Jerry Bergman. Now, this person is not just some person who stock shelves in a supermarket, he’s got 9 degrees, a couple of the Ph.D. So, he should know better. It just goes to show that people with all kinds of degrees can be dishonest as anyone else. I will not go over everything this Bergman said, as the article is 9 pages long.

My comments will be in italics.

The idea that Christians once commonly believed in a flat earth for theological reasons is a myth.

This is a statement made out of hand – Christians DID believe in a flat earth.

The story was invented to promote the claim that Christians have widely resisted scientific advancement due to doctrinal constraints.

The science is in the Bible! Early Christians (though not all of them) believed in the flat earth because it follows common sense.

A Google search of ‘creationists’ and ‘flat earthers’ produced 37,100 responses, and most of the articles reviewed in some way referred to creationists as ‘flat earthers’. An example is Schadewald’s claim that ‘flat-earthism is as well supported scripturally and scientifically as creationism.’3 He adds:

This is because the world leaders – I mean the real leaders – want it this way. They want to equate flat earth believers with stupid people. After all, if this is well ingrained in the people, who would want to be associated with stupid people. This way, it keeps people believing in the globe earth.If there was no negative association with believing in the flat earth, then more people will take the time in listening to what we have to say. You see, the key is to get the people not even to listen to it because if they listen to the arguments of a flat earth they will realise that it is the truth.

According to my research, flat-earth believers in the West consisted of only a handful, at best, of true believers and most of the last few adherents died decades ago. A flat-earth web site exists in Great Britain which is actually a discussion group about a variety of topics, and none of the members appear to be flat-earthers.

This is an outright lie by someone who many claim is smart; perhaps Jerry himself thinks he’s intelligent. How can he say that there are “few adherents died decades ago!” Has he been to YouTube sites where there are many videos on the flat earth with views of 10s of thousands? Some have over 100,000 views. Jerry also talks about “ a flat earth website exists in Great Britain,” as if there is only one in the whole country or in the whole world. By implication it sounds that way. Did he mention mine? No, as that would skew his figures. Did he mention Eric Dubay or Mark Sargent’s site? No, as that would show that this flat earth truth is gaining ground.

The most well known flat-earth believers were members of a religious organization headed by John Dowie. He ruled the town of Zion, Illinois, a small city on the shore of Lake Michigan.6 Dowie was deposed in 1906, and Wilbur Voliva led the group until he died in 1942.

This is old information and should be no reflections on the flat earth believers today.

Then the author goes on to talk about how the previous head of The Flat Earth Society, Charles K. Johnson was semi-illiterate and had many mistakes in spelling, grammar and logic. The word this so-called educated man should have used is semi-literate, not the other way around! Then he said how Johnson had many spelling and grammar mistakes.

This is a common ploy by people critics whether they be liberal, communist, Christian or Jews is – if you don’t have the facts you attack their grammar, you attack their mode of dress or anything else. Creationists don’t like it when Evolutionists do it them but here, Creationist do the same thing back when they are attacked. Anytime when you see this, you know they have a weak argument. Yet, if a supporter for their side – whatever that topic is – writes to them, they ignore their grammar and spelling mistake, they don’t use the “[sic]” which they are fond to use. After all, “He is one of us.” Such hypocrites!

Bergman goes on to attack Johnson organization and how his members were stupid, too. Now, how does he know that? The main point is nothing of science was discussed – not in this article or on other articles on the flat earth on creation.com site.

In short, whenever the messenger is attacked rather than the message, you know that person don’t have the facts to back them up, in this case, the flat earth. This, Charles K. Johnson did have facts in his newsletter.

For a sample of Charles Johnson’s flat earth publication, Click Here.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Flat Earth Believers vs Christian Deniers of the Flat Earth

  1. Andrew Mackinnon says:


    The overwhelming majority of Christian ministries that deny the truth of our flat earth are run by people who are pretending to be followers of Jesus Christ whose secret allegiance is to the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.

    Good on you for publishing this website. This is top-notch writing that you’re putting out.

    I feel bad for you that you need to exert so much effort to persuade people of what should be obvious. All people should really need to be told to convince them that the earth is flat is that the Bible indicates that the earth is flat; when one goes outside, there’s often no wind resistance at all, therefore the earth is stationery and not rotating at all; the complement of the angle of inclination of the axis of rotation of the earth is 90 degrees minus 23.4 degrees, which equals 66.6 degrees; under the globe earth model, the earth is moving through space at 18.5 miles per second which equates to 66,600 miles per hour; these latter two numbers – 66.6 degrees and 66,600 miles per hour – are references to the number of the beast in Revelation 13:18, therefore the globe earth model is satanic propaganda which bears no resemblance to reality.

    Nevertheless, you can rest assured that everything you write is beneficial to promoting the authority of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Last year, I realised for the first time as a result of the work of others that modern-day Jews are Edomites pretending to be descendants of the Israelites and that white people are the real descendants of the Israelites living on the earth today.


    God bless you. This is a great website that you’ve published. It’s very rare to come across a ‘conspiracy’ website that is genuine like yours rather than controlled opposition.


    Andrew Mackinnon


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