A Prayer For Coronavirus Outbreak

A Prayer For Coronavirus Outbreak

A break from the flat Earth news

Anytime there is an international event that effects millions of people, like this Coronavirus virus, I like to post comments about it. With all this talk about the Coronavirus here is something we should keep in mind and pray, using the word of

Psalms 91 ( Click Here).

Assuming you have read chapter 91 of Psalms, I hope you see how this relates to today and what the world is going through. You should have hope and assurance that all will be safe for Christians. This does not mean we will not go through trying times, but we have the promise and reward for all who believe in Christ.

In another light on this Coronavirus virus, here is something to think about. This is just my thoughts but I would not be surprised if the following is true – that we are being lied to about Coronavirus in a bigger way.

Let’s start off by what we can all agree on – that is:

  • the government lies to us
  • the media lies to us
  • the pharmaceutical companies lie to us
  • there are false flag events
  • there are events that do happen but the narrative is completely different

What I’m saying is, that with the above in mind, I would not be surprised that we are being lied to about the Coronavirus. I don’t mean just what the Communist Chinese tell its people – that is a given, but something more.

Let’s take a look at more facts – that most of us would agree on:

  • each year in the US about 57,000 people die of the flu
  • worldwide people who die of the flu is 646,000
  • in the US, there are about 500,000 people who die of cancer
  • the people who die of all diseases in the US is 2.8 million
  • worldwide, the people who die of all diseases is 56.9 million

What am I saying?

What I am saying is, if you look at the figures of the number of people who died of the Coronavirus (as of 8 March, 2020), worldwide, it’s about 3,600. What is this compared with just one disease and one nation? Very, very small. Those who died of the flu in the US, as of last year, is about 57,000.

Now, this 3,000 plus figure for China, this is from a nation of about 1.3 billion people over two month period! I think that if you took the people who fell down on their front steps in China during the same time, the number would be just as high. Yet, we don’t hear anything about it. Why? Because nothing is written about it.

The world ignores the figures of millions who die each year from cancer; from heart disease. They know that millions die and they accept it. But it’s not called a pandemic, epidemic, or anything else. Yet, when you look at the extremely low figure of those who died from the Coronavirus, which is much lower, the people are frightened to death!

Now, if you took away all the media hype; of the people told they have to wear face masks; of the medical workers told to dress in hazmat suits, you’ll have a normal city day in Wuhan or any other city. People will not even notice it. There would be no panics; people would go about their work as normal. But BECAUSE the media and government has been telling us it’s a pandemic, and the government ordering the people to do what they are doing, people really think that the world is going to end.

This is not like the Black Plague that really killed millions of people but something that gives flu like symptoms and it seems like the only people who are actually dying are those who are already sick; already have a weakened immune system. Not the others.

You might think why this would be done, why the lies. Well, this will take another article to write about but I’m sure that if you give it some thought, you can connect the dots.

In the meantime, we have to follow what we are told. True, we will still be effected by the limited about of food that we have in storage and not being able to go to work. But to think that the world will come to an end because of the Coronavirus, I don’t think so.

Just keep Psalms 91 in mind in your preparation.

Side Note:  What is a virus anyway? Do you know that it’s not a living organism? Even the dictionary tells you that, but we are told of “dangerous viruses”. This would take another article to explain.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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