Freedom of Speech: Alex Jones and Sandy Hook

Freedom of Speech: Alex Jones and Sandy Hook

Freedom Of Speech Is Being Attacked At Its Core

The alternative news site Prison Planet, by Alex Jones, is being sued by the parents on of one of the children that was killed at Sand Hook. I have issues with Alex Jones of Prison Planet, as I’m sure you do, too. In short, there are some topics that he will not touch that most Christian Nationalist believe in. Aside fro this, Alex Jones is waking up millions of people. What I want to talk about is the deeper issue at steak for this lawsuit against Jones. It’s attacking American’s freedom of speech closer to the core.

Aljazeera story, CLICK HERE

Here, a person is sued because he didn’t believe the “official” story line. Will others face lawsuits who disagrees with what the government’s official story? We know this is the case with the holocaust in WWII, where you can be sent to prison in a number of European countries, including Germany, Austria and France.

It seems that it’s OK to deny Jesus Christ but not OK when it comes to the holocaust. The EU supposedly has a freedom of speech clause but it’s ignored when it suits them. Well, we see the same thing in America.

Mr Jones has long claimed on his show and Infowars site that the attack was “completely fake” and a “giant hoax”. Then, some months later, he back-peddled and said the killings did occurred (I guess he got scared and thinks this will get him out of it).

There are millions of people who don’t believe Sandy Hook played out the way we were told and came to their own conclusion; upon their own research. Then, there are those who learned from others that said Sandy Hook was a hoax. But Jones has been chosen to the “the fall guy.”

Many people came to the conclusion that Sandy Hook school shooting was fake for several reasons (captured on video), which include:

  • father of one child joking right before being interviews
  • this same father working up the emotions that should be shown
  • an aerial shot of children being walked out of the school and back in, going in a circle
  • school closed down at time of shooting
  • and others

Would Flat Earth Belief Next?

Since all this comes down to not believing what the government wants you to believe, it could also include the belief in a flat stationary Earth. What if saying the globe earth is a hoax, so could flat earthers be targeted next? It sounds far fetch, but look at what was far fetched 30 years ago that we have now? Will someone in the future somehow claimed that their feelings were hurt and bring a lawsuit against us? Let’s pray that it doesn’t get that worse!

The plainiff claimed that they were harassed by people offline as well as trolls online. And since people can come to a belief that an event was staged, and did this on their own, will the government come to the conclusion that they have to make it a crime for ANYONE holding a belief that is contrary to the “Party line?” For right now, one person (Alex Jones) is being used as a “fall guy”. But since the family “said” they were harassed by others, it might be illegal for anyone to hold such beliefs – as they “could” do some name-calling to those who were involved or to the parents, thereof? I don’t know, I’m just asking a question; I’m guessing where this is all going to lead.

In one article it said, In June, the father of six-year-old Noah Pozner, one of the Sandy Hook victims, won a defamation lawsuit against the authors of a book that claimed the shooting never happened.


Deposition Video

In this video the punk lawyer (by the sound of him) accused Jones of Mocking the father of one child and Jones denies it. So, a video was shown of Jones replicating what the “father” did. It was plain that he was not mocking him but showing what he did.

But what if he did mock him? We know that mocking someone is not polite or proper, but if you don’t believe the narrative that is a different story. So, since when has it become illegal to mock someone? And, even is something becomes illegal, what if there was a law that said breathing air without paying a fee, for example, becomes illegal – what are you going to do? What a person does comes down to what god your serve. If you serve the State, that becomes your god. If you serve Yahweh, God of the Bible, than serve Him. A man does not serve two Masters.

From NBC News

Alex Jones Sued Because He Believed It Was a Hoax

CLICK HERE for video

Should be protected because of free speech; now believes that the shooting was real; family of Noah Pozer is “…continuously being harassed by people who believe that it (Sandy Hook) was preplanned to shock the public” according to the reporter.

It seems like to question the US Government engages in many fake shootings could become a crime if you don’t go along with it.

There are also shooting or bombings that has happened that the government uses to demonize a group of people and/or push a gun control ban on. Maybe to even mention this will be “illegal” in the future.

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