Mike Adams: 10 Insane Things People Believe In

Mike Adams: 10 Insane Things People Believe In

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  Sorry to have to bring up Mike Adams again but there is an article that was sent out after the last one titled: 10 insane completely irrational things millions of Americans believe

As soon as I saw it, I thought, “I bet he has the flat earth as one of them,” and I was not disappointed. The other nine items, I agree with, such as the belief that vaccines are safe.

Below is part of what Adams wrote, in italics, and below that are my comments.

Insane Belief #5: Flat Earth

Yes, in the year 2020, we still have millions of Americans who quite literally believe the Earth is flat… like a disc floating in space. They also believe the sun and moon are discs, and that satellites don’t exist, and that gravity isn’t real.

In the original article, which Adams has a link to, he did not go into detail about the Sun and Moon discs – much less give our side. That’s the key, “Never give the explanation of your opponent if you want to pull the wool over their eyes.”

And they are rather fanatical about these beliefs, convincing themselves that there is a global conspiracy to silence the truth about the “flat Earth” in order to prevent humans from discovering the edges where you can step off into outer space… or something.

Mike Adams is fanatical about his beliefs of free speech as he went to the expense to set up an alternate to YouTube, as on example. This is good, BUT why criticize others for being fanatical? All we flat earthers are doing is spreading the word via traditional means including the internet, we are doing no harm to anyone.

What flat earther believes that “you will fall off the edge into outer space”? This is putting words into our mouth – which is something that is done by people who can’t argue the facts.

I recently posted a detailed science article explaining what Flat Earthers get wrong about gravity and elliptical orbits, but it doesn’t matter what you say to them: They’re happy to redefine Kepler’s laws of motion, or Newton’s laws, or Einstein’s equations, or whatever it takes to pretend the Earth is a flat disc and all space flight was faked on a green screen stage in Hollywood.

When a “law of physics” is wrong; when it can’t be duplicated, we have a right to expose the pseudo-science, just like he does!

As for the fake space flights, we don’t go to Kepler’s laws of motion, we look at what’s on the screen – along with such things as how can a vacuum exist next to a gaseous atmosphere without resorting to gravity mum-boo-jumbo!

Mike Adams did end this with a compliment to us flat earthers.

Continuing…the Flat Earth movement is all about a “thought experiment,”

Adams claims that we engage in “thought experiments.” Oh really?

Let’s take a closer look at “thought experiments”. I presume that Mike Adams means experiments that you do in your head, that you can only describe in words. Well, it’s obvious that critics do not care to see flat earth videos, if he did, he would see some experiments done, such as having a laser aimed at a boat across the lake and seeing that there is no curve. Or about viewing the skyline of Chicago 30 miles away. What about one that everybody knows – water seeks its own level.

Now, we flat Earth believers do engage in “thought experiments” and there is nothing wrong with that, but critics are not smart enough to figure this out. Let me give you an example: when you talk to someone about the flat earth, you give as one of your reasons that “water seeks its own level.” This we all know. You don’t need a PhD. in physics to know this; you don’t have to demonstrate this to someone. You could, but everyone has this experience.

There are many “thought experiments” that are valid; ones that can be used in a court of law. For example, you can’t stand up to winds of 66,000 mph (what we are suppose to be doing as Earth goes around the Sun. We can’t stand up to even 1,000 mph (our supposed rotation). People know how it feels when there is a hurricane, which, in most cases is only 1/10th of our supposed rotation. Just talking to someone, they can conceptualize it. Now, you have to discount all the hocus-pocus, mum-boo-jumbo of gravity which is suppose to answer these questions. It is gravity that is always theorized, and not what we say.

Thought experiments are USEFUL for:

  • when the knowledge is so common that you don’t need to do an experiment
  • when it’s not practical, such when speaking at a public place
  • when you don’t have the resources such as a lab and equipment
  • that the experiment can not be done in a lab because of size

Many experiments can be shown on a video, but this might be considered by flat earth critics of a “thought experiment.” But these “thought experiments” are perfectly OK for someone who is a spinning globe Earth believer!

At the beginning of Mike Adams article (see link above) he said that there are millions of believers in the “10 insane things people believe in.” Speaking for the flat Earth belief only, this is good news! It’s also good news that it came to the attention of Adams – as some people will wake up and see that he is wrong and flat earthers are right. And, they might learn this on his video hosting platform 😉

Keep spreading the word you guys – as the flat earth truth message is getting out there.

Make the year 2020 a great one!


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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4 Responses to Mike Adams: 10 Insane Things People Believe In

  1. “Stepping off earth into space!” Laughable. It’s called an ice wall Mike. Classic shill, using more lies to try and prove a lie.


  2. c t says:

    I fell off a ladder at work a week ago.
    Broke my arm.
    Gravity hurts.


    • revealed4you says:

      That was the law of density. This gravity bit should be called The Law of Density – you know, things that are heavier than air falls. It would help if you read though the articles and watched the video. You might keep your same beliefs or you might change them.


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