Is Donald Trump Really Mocking The Homeless?

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Is Donald Trump Really Mocking The Homeless?

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Notice: There are many things that Trump says and does that I don’t support. But there times when he is attacked unjustly.

  This article claims that President Donald Trump is mocking the homeless and making it trivial. Reading his actual Tweets does nothing of the sort. But when someone else is talking, this person are making claims that he is cutting back on housing, allowing owners to increase rents, etc. Well, where is the source? There is no sources or proposed laws this person points to. What should be mocked are those who claim to be journals and are not!

What Trump did say in his Tweets, to sum it up is, that it’s deplorable of San Francisco to have all this homelessness and that Nancy Pelosi is spending more time on impeachment than dealing with the homeless issue in her own district!

As Christians believers who really know the Bible, there is an answer to this homelessness. This, no one will do, including Donald Trump. To give you a rough outline of what needs to be done is this:

Repent of our sins
Follow God’s laws, including economics

When I say “God’s laws on economics” there are many factors to consider. The major ones are:

  • Get rid of the debt usury system by cancelling ALL debt. Have money issued by the government debt free and based on production.
  • Ship the foreigners back
  • Just have tithing while eliminating other taxes such as: sales tax, income tax, state and local taxes and other disguised taxes
  • Christian teaching in our schools
  • Immediately stop man creating laws
  • Break up monolithic corporations
  • Allow small businesses to flourish

There are other things that a nation can do but the above are the major ones. You will not hear this from other alternative news sites or from most White Nationalists – because they don’t really know the Bible and that Yahweh, God has all the answers for us.

I hope to have other articles like this that deal with current problems but also how to SOLVE them. Nearly every knows what our problems are but few know what to do and fewer still willing to put it in writing. Now, all we need is some brave men and women in power to use their influence to put this into action. When this is done, the homeless will be a thing of the past (except for the every few who just will not work), as Jesus that the poor will always be with us. But, we can certainly reduce the number of poor even in this sinful world.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to Is Donald Trump Really Mocking The Homeless?

  1. Leo Wong says:

    I hate to put a downer on your threads, but I don’t see any connection between Donald Trump (lying adulterer) and flat immovable Earth. We shouldn’t continue to keep Trump in the news spotlight.


    • revealed4you says:

      There isn’t a connect to the flat earth and Donald Trump but that is not the whole message of this website – encase you haven’t noticed. This is a Christian ministry which also includes, at times, the problems of society and how a Christian government can change things. If you notice, there is a whole section to this blog titled: Bible Study. Other flat earth websites and YouTube channels go into other areas, too.


      • Leo Wong says:

        A Christian government is an oxymoron indeed. Surely, you didn’t suggest that Donald Trump leads a Christian government along with his sidekick professing believer in God Mike Pence?! The Donald stated on video that he didn’t need to repent to God so I doubt that he is a Christian. Christian Zionists should cease their adulation of Trump. The editor in chief of Christianity Today Magazine certainly did.


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