How To Tell If Someone Is Lying In 5 Minutes Or Less

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying In 5 Minutes Or Less

How would you like to tell if someone is lying to you in five minutes? You can if you know what to look for. We have all been lied to and in many cases it could effect your relationship, cost you money and time, hired the wrong person or rented your property to someone you shouldn’t. Knowing when someone is lying could also save you from believing in an event that really didn’t happen could effect you destiny. Not being able to catch a person (or government) in a lie could prevent you from doing more research.

If someone believes what NASA tells them, for example, you won’t spot this. But if a NASA scientist is being interviewed, you might be able to spot the lie – if you know what to look for.

What to look for when someone is lying?

There are many signs – too much to include in this short article. But I’ll give you enough to spot a liar.

Eyes: Eye contact is not made or made just a short time as a liar thinks that you can read their eyes. In a way you can – by them seeing that they are not making contact when contact is usually made. He may dart his eyes or move them side to side.

Hands and Arms: The person’s hands and arms are less expressive. Fists might be made or hands kept in his pockets. There is less expression in the movement of the arms. Palms can go face down. Artificial movement is made with the arms – there is a lack of fluidity.

The person will make little or no eye contact.

• Physical expression will be limited, with few arm and hand movements. What arm and hand movements are present will seem stiff, and mechanical. Hands, arms, and legs pull in toward the body; the individual takes up less space.

• His hand(s) may go up to his face or throat. But contact with his body is limited to these areas. He is also unlikely to touch his chest with an open hand gesture.

• If he is trying to appear casual and relaxed about his answer, he may shrug a little.

Incongruity in Emotions: When a person shakes their head from side to side and answering ‘yes’.

A person that grins when there should be sadness. This may be very short, so you have to observe carefully.

Timing: When a hand movement is made as an afterthought. He wants to get his words out first then adds hand movements as if to convince you what he said is true. If you wanted to convince someone that you were angry when you really weren’t, you would want to play the part and look angry. But there’s more to it than that. The timing of that angry facial expression matters. Think of Greta Thunberg who spoke on climate change before the UN! Notice how exaggerated every expression was. Even though she has Asperger’s Syndrome, it was false. The lie, in this case came from bad acting.

Contradiction and Consistency: Think of a woman who says she loves you but frowns. Or shouts that she loves you while raising her fist; hands tightly clench when she should be in a state of pleasure. In other words, emotions and gestures are out of synch.

Lack of Spontaneity: A response that is not genuine is not spontaneous. There could be a slight deadly in showing emotion. Or, the response goes on longer than a case of genuine emotion. If the emotion ends quickly, this is a sign of lying. Or, the emotion comes and goes quickly.

The Forced Smile: If the smile is made tight and there’s no movement in the eyes or forehead. If the smile does not reflect a true emotion, it will not encompass his entire face. The forced smile covers the anger or disgust that a person might ordinarily have.

Head Shift: If someone is listening to something that is uncomfortable for him, his head will shift away from the speaker. This is an attempt to distance themselves from the source of the discomfort. Watch for immediate or pronounced jerking of the head or a slow and deliberate withdrawal.

If you remember the video of the first TV interview given my Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin gave. The normal reaction of being the first men on the Moon and with the joy and festivity of the world celebration, their reactions should have been entirely different. What we had seen was three men who were sad, did not give direct eye contact, looked down no smiling and lack of happy emotions. Instead, being happy, smiling, moving their hands and arms and giving direct eye contact. In short what Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin showed – without using words – is that they were lying and everything they represented was a lie.



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1 Response to How To Tell If Someone Is Lying In 5 Minutes Or Less

  1. doctorlambda says:

    Good advice, though with some of these signs it is very important that you watch out for how someone normally acts. For example, some people are so stoic that they show as much emotion while speaking the truth as regular people do when they are lying. If those stoic people would be lying they might show even less emotion.

    So really what one should be looking for are not absolute signs of lying, but the increase of intensity of frequency in the signs of lying relative to their normal intensity and frequency for that specific individual.

    So normally it requires knowing someone to know if they’re lying. Exeptions are when signs of lying are so strong that no one has them like that in their natural behaviour.


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