Disclosure Is Coming, Yea sure!

Disclosure Is Coming, Yea sure!

Here is Mike Adams claiming that Disclosure is coming. We have all heard that before. Of course, his source is from trustworthy NASA! Adams claims that it was a scientist named Levin that discovered this in 1976 (another Mason). We know better than that!

Adams claims that NASA retracted this microbial life on Mars information for fear of how the people will react – that there will be hysteria. Evening though the public believes that there are other planets and possible life on other worlds – which is totally wrong – they would not think the world would come to an end with simple biological life forms on another planet. After all, people back then had the worry of the Soviet Union invading or their own government, and not what lives in the soil on Mars! The globe earth believers they know this is a far cry from “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast by Orson Wells back in 1939.

IF there is a “disclosure” it would be backed by the US Government using some of their hidden technology to scare people; make it look like Aliens. And the message, of course, would be from our government, “We must all unite under the New World Order, or the Aliens will use their ray-guns and kill us all.” Or, a variation of this would be: the Aliens would talked to our “leaders” and would say, “Earthlings should all united under a one-world government in order to save your planet.”

Perhaps the government is deciding what will be better before this “disclosure” by using holographic images projected in the sky to make people think that there are thousands of space crafts floating over head, or some other method, like actually nuking a city and blaming it on the Aliens – who knows.

This audio get more hilarious as you listen. At about 8 minutes in, Adams says that NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars. He says that, according to NASA, Mars has an atmosphere of 0.6 of that of earth – basically zero. He says that helicopters can’t fly (nor planes for that matter) in such a vacuum or low density atmosphere – and he is right. However, this is where Adams screws up. He obviously believes that there will be a satellite with a helicopter going to Mars but that it really has an atmosphere (therefore, life)!

Instead of seeing the lie that this whole space mission is a fraud, including the so-called helicopter, Adams thinks that NASA is lying about the atmosphere!

What fools Mike Adams (maybe he is not fooled but is trying to fool us) is, that the government knows that there are people who believe in conspiracies. So, to fool the Truth Seekers, they come out with something and cover it up. The fact that it’s covered up, the government makes it look like they are covering up the truth. So, Patriots who believe in conspiracies will automatically think, “This is a conspiracy; the truth is just the opposite,” when, in fact, the whole thing is a lie! So, the liars are sitting back laughing at us.

Most times when the government covers up something, they are covering up the truth. But they realise who they can control the opposition by doing just the opposite to get us to believe a lie. In the Bible we read:

Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

It it were possible the very elect would be fooled. Which means, we, as Christians should be on guard. An example would be:

  • We went to Mars
  • There is life on Mars
  • Then, hush up that there is life on Mars

Truth Seekers detect a cover up, a retraction, then automatically believe what was covered up was the truth. Therefore, actually believing a lie. Then, by implication:

  • Space travel is possible
  • There are other planets out there
  • (In this case) that there is life on Mars
  • (By implication) that there is probably life on other planets, too

The reality is, that the whole thing is a lie! And this is how the opposition is controlled. Remember what the mass-murderer Lenin said – In order to control the opposition, become the opposition.

Mike Adams on the Flat Earth

At about 9:45 in Adams makes a comment about the flat earth. He doesn’t believe it because, “logically, you need a sphere to fill up space…” This audio is really a laugh a minute! He goes on to explain his position on the flat earth by saying, “How do satellites work? How does GPS work?”

Well, if he had listen to flat earth videos or seen some of them here, he would know that. But let’s not listen to the opposition to find out why they believe in what they do; oh, no, that means they would have to change their mind – and become a flat earther!

He goes on to say that he appreciates people who don’t believe in NASA and they are like other government agencies where they do lie. Yet, he doesn’t explain why he believes them. Adams admit, “That NASA is joke; a total joke.” Then why did he put some much faith in them in the beginning of this audio?

Adams goes on to say that NASA origins was started by Nazi scientist, “Operation Paper Clip.” This is such a lie it’s amazing that he has the audacity to push it. Stop and think about this: The Allies beat the Axis, yet somehow, right after the war they came to America to start and take control of NASA? No, the fact is, that America took these scientists (as well as other nations) to have them work for the US Government. Yes, they were rocket scientists, as NS Germany were the leaders. However, building missiles and rockets does not prove that there are other planets or prove that there is a space with a vacuum. All scientists, including Werner von Braun knows you can’t fly a rocket in a vacuum. Such an experiment can be done in a lab. And they certainty would have done tests even if they believed there was space with a vacuum.

About 14 minutes in Adams talked about what he said at a recent meeting – that he talks about science fiction topics. Here is what he said, in part, “That I discuss anti-matter fuel, energy harvesting from pulsars and anti-distribution fuel and logistics.” This is amazing! Mike Adams must be an Alien, or is in contact with someone from space to tell him this. What a JOKE! This is all science fiction stuff, it doesn’t exist. Or, if there is something like this that exists, he wouldn’t know about it; it would be Top Secret research at Area 51 or some other military base.

At 18:00 Adams talks about various theories that he doesn’t believe in, which I don’t either. One of them is the hollow earth theory. He said, this contradicts the flat earth theory. Now, this is where Mike Adams thinking is mixed up. People who believe in the hollow earth theory usually are not flat earth believers but he implies that they are, as he says, “How can one believe in the hollow earth and the flat earth, as one contradicts the other.” Well, what makes him think that only something that is a sphere can be hollow? You can have a hollow cube, a hollow disk or anything of any shape. Adams must think that when we say flat earth, he thinks of it as a piece of paper! What a joke! We flat earth believers know that people can and do live underground – it’s called a cave! I just point this out to show the muddled thinking Adams is engaged in.

For those who are not flat earth believers, when we say “flat earth” that is not the 3-dimensional shape of it, it’s just the surface and that is only used as an easy way to describe earth, for we flat earthers know that the flat earth has mountains, hills and valleys that is on the surface. But we also know that it has a depth to it; to what size and shape we do not know but we know that it’s not literally as flat and think as a piece of paper.

We know that you can drill down to 40,000 feet for oil, for example. This means that you can make caves where people can live. Do we not have old missiles silos that have been converted to underground living quarters? Of course we do – and the earth is still flat!

Tried To Make a Comment

I tried to make a Comment and they say, “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved.” I waited and it was NOT approved! Now, this Brighteon platform is SUPPOSE to be an alternative to YouTube, a place where you can have freedom of thought, and what does Mike Adams do? He has Comments censored! Heck, even YouTube doesn’t do that. A YouTube channel might be banned but if it’s still up, so are all the Comments; there is no waiting for approval, it’s automatically approved! But not with Adams site. By the way, you have to be approved on Brighteon before you can start a channel AND you are limited, at first, to the number of viewers you can have, AND the number of videos you can post. So much for his alternative video platform!

Mike Adams can only trusted be for his health information news – but you better keep an eye out for this, too, as you might be thrown a curve ball.

There are only 13 Comments at the time of this writing and most of them don’t believe in what Mike Adams said here. By the way, he did say that he is a pilot. Now, this is new, you would think he would have said something in one of his many articles or videos. What other amazing talents does Adams have?

If you want to listen to this BS audio, here it is:


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