Exposing Editorial Lie About Flat Earthers

Exposing Editorial Lies About Flat Earthers

Exposing editorial lies about flat earthers is not hhard to do. This one came from The Globe and Mail. And they are talking about the flat earth – what a joke! Of course, they would be biased! If they should ever believe in the flat earth, they would have to change their name, get it registered, change their logo, and let their customers know – which all leads to a pain in the neck for them.

Their comments are in italics.

A funny thing happened on the way to the 21st century: Even as old conspiracy theories were growing more implausible, they also became more popular.

Right off the bat, it sounds like Cory Doctorow is talking is circles. If something is ‘growing more implausible’ how can it become ‘more popular’? It’s a contradiction!

Take the Flat Earth: Never before in human history have more people seen the Earth’s curvature with their own eyes.

This is an outright lie! If he is referring to people were passengers in planes – they do NOT see the curvature. I never saw the curvature of the earth flying in a plane, have you? Now, if Doctorow is talking about pictures – yes, there are many fake pictures of the round earth or seeing a curvature of it. I guess this guy hopes that virtual reality will take over reality when people form their beliefs. Unfortunately, for many people, it does. But if you are not a flat earther yet, just think of the times you looked out a plane window and saw a flat surface. Now, compare that with pictures you see on the web. Which one do you believe?

From climate denial to anti-vax to a resurgent eugenics movement, we are in a golden age of terrible conspiratorial thinking, with real consequences for our species’ continued survival on our (decidedly round) planet.

This is what we are, or should be. There are the so-called ‘Elites’ that want to destroy our race and if you are against it, you must be a conspiracy nut or a hater of some kind.

I think that this is the ‘golden age of conspiracies’ but why is it? Did we wish it upon ourselves? Or could it be that corporations and governments (read: capitalism and democracy) is trying to control us and kill us? They do this while making as much monkey as they can in the process, and in order to do that, they have to keep secrets among themselves – that means, by definition A CONSPIRACY. They have to create conspiracies least the people wake up?

Think of the vaccines that is being pushed on us, do you think that the pharmaceutical companies will tell us that it causes autism and neurological problems? Of course not. So in order to continue, they have to keep this from the public. This is known as a conspiracy – which has to be exposed.

When the public has to be won over to be against guns, a mass shooting has to occur. If this is not possible, a fake shooting has to happen, i.e., Sandy Hook. Crises actors are used, certain people in the police, the FBI and Homeland Security is used and told to keep their mouths shut. When just a group of people know something and it’s deliberately keep from the public, it’s call a conspiracy. With thousands of things going today, the government and certain rich people have to have a conspiracy for each one. There are more conspiracies than ever before because it’s the result of evil people and NOT those who are uncovering them.

Ideas spread because of some mix of ideology and material circumstances. Either ideas are convincingly argued and/or they are delivered to people whose circumstances make them susceptible to those ideas.

Why are there mixed ideologies? Because not everyone believes what they are told. For Truth Seekers like us, we naturally have a different ideology than the Edomites. When one group worships the devil, or whomever, and you have others that worship the God of the Bible, you’ll going to have mixed ideologies. Big corporations would like us all to have one ideology and don’t dare think of another. This sounds more like Communism to me!

Conspiracies aren’t on the rise because the arguments for them got better.

Another lie – our arguments are better. How? Simple because they will not debate us; they use the excuse that ‘they don’t want to lower themselves.’ This is a lie. After all, if we have bad arguments it’ll be easy for them to tell the world that we are wrong. But they often turn down offers on debates because other that went before them looked foolish. So, the best thing that they can do is ignore us.

The arguments for “alternative medicine” or against accepted climate science are no better than those that have lurked in the fringes for generations.

We have very good arguments for alternative medicine. All they have to do is look at their own medical journal where it was admitted back in 1999, I think it was, that about 200,000 died each year in the US by taking prescribe medication. Whereas, for example, in 2017 NOT ONE person died by taking vitamins!

Look up the 19th-century skeptics who decried the smallpox vaccine and you’ll find that anti-vax arguments have progressed very little in more than a century.

Yes, there were smart people back then. In fact, you can find old books that exposed vaccinations. The fact is, that those who get smallpox are those who get vaccination. When a certain disease, such as polio, could not be contained with all kids getting vaccinations back in the 1950s and 60s, they changed the name of the disease – to make it look like they eradicated the disease. ( Click Here for alternative health information which includes vaccinations.)


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