Flat Earth In The News, 28 September, 2019

Flat Earth In The News, 28 September, 2019

Retired Champion Boxer Carl Froch Claims The Earth Is Flat

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Limerick Astronomy Column: More on the flat earth conspiracy

Darren Barry Darren

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They Really Hate Us

One sick Google write up from a website has the caption, “And if your response to that is “climate change is a hoax” then you can f*** off to the flat Earth with your un-vaccinated kids and wait for the aliens to…

This came from a site called KnowTechie. One thing that they are right in is that they are putting us on the right side with people who know climate change is a hoax and vaccines are dangerous for people. But they hate us so much that they have to curse when using the words “flat Earth.” All I can say to them is, get vaccinated and pay the extra taxes that’ll come with climate change and take a bicycle to work – they deserve what they get.

Another site had this in their news caption as it appears in Google, “The only thing worse than raisinng a climate-change denier is raising a flat-earther.” This shows that some people are really scared of us. This is good as we are changing the world. This is from honey.nine.com.au – a real Leftist publication.

When you look at what groups the media connects us with, I hope that you really know the issues involved. In other words, if you believe that vaccinations are good for you, then do some research. Once you do, you’ll be against vaccinations, too. If you believe in global warming, I understand, but do your research from an unbiased source, think about it, and you’ll come to the conclusion that global warming is another lie that is being pushed on us. Then you’ll see that all the things that are “politically incorrect” is something that we should be for. That is one thing that the lying media has right, or mostly right, is that they do tie us up with the right conspiracies, as that is what it is – a conspiracy against God’s people.

The reason why I have other conspiracy topics and why some other flat earth sites have this, too, is that we are group together with others. If you are new to the flat earth, you may not know the other conspiracies that are tied to flat earthers.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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