Asteroid Collisions With The Earth News

Asteroid Collisions With The Earth News

  It seems that not more than a couple of months goes by before you hear of another asteroid collision with the earth with a possibility of wiping out a city.

Projected disasters from Comet and Asteroid collisions with Earth provide interminable themes for movies and books, as all of us can testify. These themes involve heroic efforts to prevent or modify the anticipated destruction or annihilation that is made to seem as something inevitable…just as with Global Warming inundating Florida and Hong Kong, etc. Science-fiction becomes just science. It’s just a matter of time we are told. It will happen.

As in the Global Warming scenarios–the point to note in these models–is that they are all derived from computer models which are themselves derived from and dependent upon acceptance of a Kabbalic Big Bang Universe which has been evolving for 15 billion years. Remember, the Big Bang is a religious model established on a mountain of fact-free assumptions and a hefty load of demonstrably fraudulent use of high tech software. This religion offers you nothing but fear and lies dressed up as “science”. The other religion offers to all who will take it a loving, joyful, eternal plan from a God who neither needed nor employed billions of years to “evolve” this universe in all its intricacy and beauty and function.

Just in case you’ve not been sufficiently unnerved by the Global Warming and Asteroid Collision doomsday scenarios, here are a few more that have joined the movement to keep everybody white knuckled as they hear what “science” is predicting. “Gamma Ray Bursts” is a good one. In this mythology huge stars contract to the size of a period and then explode. “Gamma Rays” then stream out and slowly fry everybody on the earth. One “scientific model” uses an exploding star 8000 light years away from the earth as an example. So, relax; you don’t have to worry about that one for 8000 years. “Black Holes” are another fantasy from the theoretical science establishment. A star cools; enormous gravitational forces suck in everything in the neighborhood including light. Get it? That’s why they are called “black holes”. They are invisible! [See: Electric] Now we are told that “Wandering Black Holes” have been discovered and are drawing so close that in 20-30 years, mile high tides will kill millions.

(Don’t yawn you impudent dummy! And keep your head bowed to the “Science Idol” or else!) [Who said, “or else what?!] Volcanic Eruptions, however, are the real deal and there is some actual science involved in some of the warnings that are given. The thing to listen for when these are discussed is the fear-mongering based on the contra-scientific age of the earth used by evolutionist “scientists”. When you hear that Yellowstone erupted “630,000 years ago and is due to go again anytime”, a grain of salt is recommended. It could go again, but not because it did so 630,000 years ago. That is just more evolutionary propaganda.

There are some real threats out there: Nuclear War (intentional or unintentional). Pandemics (smallpox, etc.) and/or Man-Made Plagues (bio-engineered microbes, etc.). But Evolution-based Global Warming is waving the biggest flag, followed by the Big Asteroid Collision Scenario which left only some rat-like creatures around the last time, and it was these very rats, we are assured by evolutionary “science”, that evolved into the rest of the mammals in the world and finally mankind itself in only 65 million years. Ah well…. I–and thousands of others–believed this kind of craziness until we looked at the facts. It’s time to look!



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  1. jimbo says:

    “nukes” are a hoax…..
    check out ‘the nuke lies’ ‘blog


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