Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 5

Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 5

  Laughing at one’s self for being taken in by some con artist can be a little hard to do. First one just feels kind of dumb or angry, and hopes not too many people noticed. Finally, depending on the magnitude of the rip-off and the inability or unwillingness to seek restitution or vengeance, one may begin to chortle just a little at what a sap they’ve been. If other friends and acquaintances have been just as big suckers as you about the same scam, the climate for some knee-slapping, bent-over-double guffawing amongst said suckers may take over…and may be the best therapy possible.

For example, when something as big as the Y2K scam comes down the pike, the potential for acres of people laughing at themselves is very high indeed. Convincing books were written, General Motors allocated $600,000,000 to try to avoid the alleged looming disaster to the world’s computers; Ford spent $400,000,000. The British Government printed an extra Fifty Billion Pounds against a possible run on the banks. The U. S. Government likewise printed an extra Two Hundred Billion Dollars for the same reason. Many millions and thousands and hundreds were spent by other corporations and small businesses and average individuals, including yours truly and spouse who joined in the fun.

Have you ever seen or heard one line of explanation of what happened to that Two Hundred Billion Dollars–and all the rest–that the U. S. Government and the others printed and didn’t use? I haven’t. Would you believe the explanation, if you heard one? I wouldn’t. One might just as well laugh–ha, ha–and forget it. It’s gone; and you and I can’t do anything about it.

The Y2K boondoggle was huge, nearly global in its scope. It put a pretty good hurt’n on GM and Ford and the like, and they had no recourse…except to raise prices on their vehicles. Millions of folks who spent hundreds and thousands of dollars, pounds, marks, yen, whatever, to do something to protect their families against the expert prognostications of technological Doomsday due at 12:01 AM 2000 AD had no recourse but to grin and bear it. ha, ha, ha….

But that global bugaboo–combined with all the other scams you can think of… and multiplied by a big number–cannot hold a candle to a certain deception so incredible in its scope that it has literally usurped the basis of all Truth in every area of today’s “knowledge”. And–to make the grapes even more sour–this deception has replaced the key to all Truth with a lie that is so patently absurd on its face that all of us who have fallen for it ought to be so ashamed that we must cry some before we can laugh at our own foolishness. sniff, sniff, ha, ha..

This unspeakably beguiling lie–coming “as an angel of light” with its arcane/occult “science” credentials–has wreaked infinitely greater devastation on humanity than all the plagues and wars and thievery throughout history. With ever-increasing success since the Copernican Revolution laid down the necessary foundation for turning the Earth and Mankind into insignificant cosmic accidents and paved the way for an evolutionary mind-set, this incredible deception is now marching triumphantly over a largely effete and moribund Christianity. Now Christianity–with its only reason for existence, i.e., a Bible of Absolute Truth from a God Who cannot lie–seemingly rendered untrue and obsolete by a “scientific origins scenario” which mocks the Bible’s “creation scenario”, the world stands poised to be plunged into a Biblically prophesied high-tech, total surveillance, Satan-worshipping, drug-driven, violent, slaveocracy (Rev. 9:21; 13: 2b-7, 15-18). Lol.

Where does one begin when trying to show the utter insanity of the evolutionary mind-set?? It is as if the whole world is blinded and herding itself lemming-like into a sea of hopelessness…because there is no hope for mankind in that evolutionary mind-set. Yet the Orwellian nightmare (“1984”) has now had over a quarter century to percolate and is just a couple of baby steps away from being able to do just what the Bible says in those verses listed just above. Lol.

The reaction of individuals caught up in some big deception–especially if they make their living based on its continuance!–can create a real dilemma. The Biblical record of the tumult caused by the silversmith craftsmen who made silver shrines for the goddess Diana is a case in point. When the Apostle Paul and some disciples went around Ephesus (which was the seat of the goddess Diana worship) preaching “that they be no gods, which are made with hands”, the silversmith Demetrius “called together the workmen of like occupation” and told them “…that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at naught; but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worships. And when they heard these sayings they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians. And the whole city was filled with confusion…and all with one voice about the space of two hours [!] cried out, ‘Great is Diana of the Ephesians’….” (Acts 19:23 41).

With that clear and understandable example in mind of an ancient localized near riot being set off by a preaching that caused an income related threat, just imagine the reaction if there were to come a preaching which threatened not only millions of incomes globally, but also forcefully impacted every single religious establishment there is as well as the lives of every literate person in the world philosophically and spiritually as well as economically!

What could such a preaching be?! Indeed, is there any one Truth amongst many that God has allowed to be repressed (Acts 15:18) which–if exposed as a lie– would be capable of causing the exposure of every important religious and secular deception–ALL of them!–in the world today??

YES, THERE IS ONE SUCH TRUTH! Anyone can understand the accuracy of this conclusion by reading these six pages, [See: Knowledge Impact] and then reading of the global ramifications throughout this web page. This lie about a rotating and orbiting Earth–innocuous as it may appear to some at first glance–is the necessary foundation for the success of a belief in a “creation scenario” that persuades the world that an evolutionary explanation for the origin of the universe, the Earth, and mankind is “a scientific fact”.

That belief, endorsed and relentlessly promoted by a Theoretical Science Establishment through all visual, audio, and print media, has set Bible Credibility–and hence, Bible Christianity–up for an already planned knockout punch. That punch is computer-programmed Virtual Reality-authenticated claims that extraterrestrial evolution has been proven and is now nearly ready to be shown on your telly. [See: Virtual Reality Fraud, NASAs Hanky-Panky]

The message is that this is the final blow to all claims of Biblical Creationism involving a literal six day “creation scenario”. It will be compared to a time when people used to believe in the Biblical teaching that the Earth is stationary at the center of a universe small enough for the stars to go around it nightly. [See: Kabbala 1] The whole world gave up that self-serving belief, we will be reminded, and now “science” is declaring that it is time for all “intelligent” people to give up not only on the Biblical Creation Account, but to realize that the whole Bible–and the Jesus part especially–is all just an ancient fairy tale that has been used to exploit people for centuries and that all such superstitious nonsense is now far removed from our enlightened philosophy of “scientific humanism”….

You get the picture…. (Of course, until the fact began to leak out on the web and in certain books, there was no awareness–in the Gentile world, at least–that this entire Big Bang Origins Paradigm is nothing more and nothing less than the fulfillment of the anti-Bible “creation scenario” of Pharisaic Judaism as set forth by Rabbis in the anti-Christ Kabbala. See the “Kabbala” Series[ 5]….)

Falsifying and exposing the moving-earth keystone of all this diabolic deception will force a confrontation between all of God’s Truths and all of Satan’s Deceptions, the likes of which only God could have planned and bring to pass (Rev. 17:14-18; Acts 15:18; etc.). Babylon–i. e., “confusion” about the truth on the most elemental knowledge there is, namely, the truth about the Origin of the universe, Earth, and mankind–will collapse completely once the hidden source and utter falsity of the entire evolutionary mind-set from Copernicanism through Darwinism and Saganism and Wickramasingheism is in the open for all to see.

Coming on the heels of the establishment of a Biblically promised One World Government (Rev. 17: 12-18; 13: 7, 16, 17), Babylon’s Fall will leave millions of people face to face with the economic dilemma that the silversmiths in Ephesus encountered. Those men had their very livelihoods threatened by an exposure of the goddess Diana as a false deity, and that is what they resisted with almost comic gusto.

The chief difference between the Truth that threatened the silversmiths in Ephesus and the Truth Blitzkrieg that is to come is that the effect of Babylon’s Fall will not be limited to a corner of Asia Minor, but will be global in its extent (Rev. 18:10-19).

This understanding–and this understanding alone–lines up with 1900 year old plain and clear prophecy in the Bible…as anyone reading this can prove to themselves if they are determined to let the Bible have the last word on any subject that is involved in this entire pivotal question about origins….

Those prophesies tell of a short-lived (Rev. 17:12), Satan empowered (Rev. 17:13; 13:2b,4) World Government (Rev. 13:7) that is forcibly exposed (Rev. 17:14), that comes out of the closet (Rev. 18:2), that draws with it what must be a substantial majority of the world’s populations (Rev. 13:7, 8) who willfully become overt Satan-worshippers (Rev. 13:4) and who–after a couple of years of enduring God’s plagues (Rev. 18:4; Rev. 8:7-13;9:1-12,13-21)–join in a concerted pogrom to convert or wipe out Bible-based Christians (Rev. 13:4,15; 14:9-12)…who obviously have not been raptured! Scripturally, the Rapture cannot occur until the last day of the temporary earth’s history.

All of the developments related to these events–along with the Scriptural confirmation that is required–is codified in these two short books [See: The Rapture: The Question is WHEN – God’s End Time Drama] and fortified in several links on this web page. Whatever one’s current beliefs may be–it is not difficult to see and understand the breadth and depth of this one seminal doctrinal deception that has got not only the world but also the churches by the throat… Every bit of this deception will come to light when the Lamb of God (Rev. 17:14) leads His “called, chosen, and faithful” to spotlight the vulnerable Copernican keystone that is upholding Satan’s entire edifice of deceptions…which edifice has become the bedrock–the very cornerstone–of man’s evolution-based “knowledge” today.

The identification of that keystone as the Copernican moving Earth deception is neither a hypothesis nor a theory that anyone can accept or deny. Like it or not, the proof is there; it is a demonstrated fact. More, it is demonstrable that this fact is a singularly unique and pivotal Truth in God’s arsenal that will not go away but which will accomplish that which He sent it accomplish (Isaiah 55:11), namely four things: 1) The exposure and humiliation of the evolutionary mind-set and all of the Satan-inspired “knowledge” that is dependent upon that incredible myth; 2) The global establishment of the demonstrated fact that the Bible is precisely what it claims to be, i.e., the Word of Absolute Truth on all subjects inspired by the Sovereign God of the Universe who offers and obviously can deliver eternal life on a paradisiacal New Earth to “whosoever will”…; 3) The division of the world’s populations into: a) those who reject and hate the Truths forced on them and align themselves with the overt Satan worshipping faction which is endorsed by a global government (Rev.13:4); b) those who get on God’s side (Rev. 18:4; 13:7); 4) The Fall of Babylon plus the events that follow and are written which cover: a) the Seven time frames of the Seven Trumpet events; b) the “little season”; and: c) the last day of this old earth’s history.


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