Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 6

Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible, part 6

  There are multitudes of people who have been indoctrinated with the Darwinian evolutionary lies who do things they wouldn’t do if they knew they had been deceived about the fact of their divine origin and their option for eternal life on a New Earth through Jesus Christ. Another–and apparently two or three times larger multitude–has welcomed the evolutionary indoctrination and will hate its exposure because deception fits their nature, false pride, whatever (John. 8:44-47; II Thess. 2:12).

As for religions–Christianity in particular–the fact is that evolutionary indoctrination and dissemination has placed ALL churches in the anti-Bible camp relevant specifically to the plain non-moving Earth teachings. Moreover, most–not all!–of these churches are even more deeply trapped in an anti-Bible mode by their acceptance not only of a Bible-denying rotating and orbiting Earth, but also by their acceptance of the evolution of the Universe, the Earth, and all plant and animal life…including the evolution of humankind itself. The amount of crow that is going to have to be eaten over these two issues alone in the churches is going to going to cause a sharp rise in: a) Sackcloth and ash stock; b) The need for padlocks for doors on willfully Bible-denying churches; c) Major Christian opportunities for those honestly duped–both in the churches and in the world–who “can receive a love of the truth” (II Thess. 2:10) when they find out what it is.

Indeed, as other false doctrines are forced into the glare of resurgent and unyielding Biblical Absolutism caused by the falsification of heliocentricity and evolutionism, the single option that will remain for both clerical and lay Christians will be to drop their present labels and declare total allegiance to proven “precept upon precept, line upon line” Bible doctrines. This is the Final Church, the one without spot or wrinkle… where everyone is of one mind about what is a truth from God and what is a lie from Satan.

One common label amongst Christians today–i.e., “Theistic Evolutionist”– will be inadmissible for any who would claim to be followers of God after Babylon has fallen. This diabolic virus–saying God used evolution to create–is basic Kabbalism; it is not Bible. It refutes the Bible on its first page and destroys its credibility as the source of Absolute Truth all the way to its last page. Scores of millions–including the Papacy–have been snared in this web of deceit. Their choices will narrow to three when Babylon Falls, viz., 1) Repent and get on God’s side; 2) Join the Satan worshippers; 3) Get on God’s side for convenience sake (a temporary and doomed 3rd choice [Rev. 14:9-13 or I Thess. 4:16,17]).

Another such label which will be increasingly in evidence as God’s Truth Blitzkrieg brings Babylon down is one that is scarcely if ever uttered, but nevertheless is one that is solidly entrenched in ALL churches; namely, the “Theistic Heliocentrist”. Like “Theistic Evolutionist” this diabolic virus refutes the Bible on its first page and continues to do so throughout the Scriptures. Without this virus the whole Kabbalic Universe could not have been brought to its present stage and the evolutionary mind-set could never have matured and succeeded in its masquerade as “science”. Consequently, it could never have gotten this far in its replacement of Bible Creationism and the God and the Plan behind that Creation.

Aside from the secular impact of isolating and eradicating this Copernican godfather of all truth-destroying false science viruses, it is Biblically promised that it is in the Christian Churches where God will begin His Judgment and cleansing by removing all the false science generated doctrinal spots and wrinkles that are dependent upon the Copernican lie of a rotating and orbiting Earth…and the Darwinian and Saganian evolutionism made possible by that lie (I.Pet. 4:17, 18).
So, face it: There is not the first piece of verifiable proof for a moving earth nor any of the Video Game Cosmology that is built on it. The world has been deceived into adopting the Kabbalist religion’s concept of the origin of all that exists. With his standard “Angel of Light” modus operandi, Satan entered the academic scene all dressed up as “secular science”. “Science”, we’ve all learned, has no religious ax to grind (like those old superstitious Christians and that remnant of Jews who still look at least to the Old Testament for God’s Truth…and the anti-evolutionist Moslems). No, no…. “Science” sets mankind free from all of that primitive nonsense. ha, ha…

Well, as it turns out, this “science falsely so called” (I Tim. 6:20, 21) is the glue that is holding Satan’s Empire together!

That glue is dissolved by the Biblical Model of the Size and Structure of the Universe seen in Parts I through VI and numerous other relevant links on this web page, and by the efforts of other geocentrists now demanding to be heard. Though a billion voices will rise like the Ephesian silversmiths of old to clamor “Great is the Cosmos of the Evolutionary Scientists”, that lie and all that rests upon it will be exposed and the entire world will be divided into two camps…God’s and Satan’s… just as the Bible foretold over nineteen centuries ago (Rev. 17:14; 13:4-7).

The Biblical Universe Superimposed onto the Astronomer’s Standard Celestial Sphere

By Superimposing The Biblical Universe onto the Astronomer’s Standard Earth-centered Celestial Sphere one can immediately see how simple and scientifically friendly our “small” Universe really is…and how totally confusing, assumption based, and unnecessary the atheist Big Bang Paradigm of the Universe really is….

So…with a scientifically sustainable and Biblically certified “Small Universe Model”–now demonstrated and accessible throughout this Series–the necessity of choosing between the controlling Kabbalist Model of the Universe and the Biblical Model of the Universe begs for a decision from those who understand the mega- importance of this issue because Truth about the Origin of everything is at stake.

The understanding that should be clear by now to readers of this web page is that there is a spiritual line drawn in the sand over this whole issue and everybody in the world is directly affected by their belief in how they themselves and everything that exists came to be. All knowledge that shapes a person’s life begins and remains with what they believe about the Origin of life and everything else. The Biblical Model of a young, small Universe with a stationary Earth at the center that was once on the other side of that spiritual line in the sand has long been abandoned…even by churches with Bibles on their podiums which confirm that Model repeatedly.

Thus, even the scores of millions of people who totally reject the evolutionary explanation of Origins–but continue to believe in a rotating, orbiting Earth–have been tricked and are stuck with a belief in the antichrist Universe which is the mother of all modern day evolutionism…the very concept they totally reject!! (Even those God has chosen for Himself [the “elect] can be deceived: Mark 13:22!)

Try looking at it this way: Without a universe billions of years old there would be no TIME for evolution to occur. Right?? I mean, TIME IS THE HERO OF THE EVOLUTION PLOT, and, guess what?- Atheist model of the Universe has given evolutionists those billions of years that are absolutely necessary to carrying out and completing the plot because Copernicanism makes that Model possible!

In short: Atheist model demands: a) Acceptance of a universe that has been evolving for 15 billions of years (after a Big Bang) and is about 15 billion light years thick; b) Acceptance of a rotating and sun-orbiting Earth which evolved 4.6 billion years ago; c) Acceptance of a figure of 3.8 billion years ago as the starting point for the evolution of life; d) Acceptance of the evolution of all plants and animals over those 3.8 billion years; e) Acceptance of a belief that the evolution of mankind from simian ancestors was achieved about a million years ago.

We’ve all been taught that these evolutionary answers for the origin of all that exists are facts of “secular science” so–unless we know better–we believe that this is the truth, and we factor that belief into the way we think and live our lives. If “science” says it, it must be true…look at all those billions of years for it to happen! All hail “science”!

But wait! The secret is out! The real Origin of the Big Bang Paradigm of the Universe which is providing those billions of years for evolutionism to occur is found in a holy book of an avowedly anti-Christ religion, not in any fact of true science! False science–under the misleading title of Theoretical Science–has been the instrument used to establish the atheist Universe with its evolutionary billions of years and thereby, not only fool the world, but slowly destroy the Bible’s Credibility from Creation through Jesus to Heaven.

Well, be assured that the omniscient Biblical God has anticipated every move of this diabolical strategy (Acts 15:18; I Pet. 1:20; etc.). Indeed, He has already begun to reveal not only the secrecy and fraud surrounding the atheist cosmos, but He also has already begun a measured release of the hard evidence which shows the world that Copernicanism is both the Keystone and the Achilles Heel of Satan’s entire edifice of deceptions about the universe, the Earth, and mankind.

The evidence of this centuries-old secret plan for establishing an evolved universe, Earth, and mankind has only recently been brought into the open. The deception involved in the global success of the Kabbalist Model has been documented and that documentation is overwhelming. The facts do not lie….

The cat is out of the bag!

Blessed be the name of the Biblical God of All Creation forever!



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