Fictitious Distances Assigned To Stars

Fictitious Distances Assigned To Stars


As promised at the end of Part IV, there are several more Scriptures that amplify and certify the conclusion that the Earth occupies the central location in a universe that is almost infinitely smaller than what we have all learned (over ten trillion times smaller!). Inside the 3rd heaven the stars are in a circular band which is rotating around the Earth every 23 hours and 56 minutes. During these nightly observed and ceaseless revolutions, every true and actual star is being reflected (repetitiously and with laser-like accuracy) countless times off of precisely situated water crystals embedded in the underside of a dome which encases the universe. It is these countless reflections that make up the theorized billions of galaxies with trillions of stars in a 15 billion light year thick universe claimed by mythematical atheists sorcery to be scientific fact.

Psalm 147.4 is very interesting regarding these alleged zillions of galaxies and mega-zillions of stars that the Theoretical Science Establishment has palmed off on the world as factual entities complimenting first their “Steady State Paradigm” and more recently, their “Big Bang Paradigm”. Those who believe the Scripture’s words from Parts I and II–and these now being added–to be from God Who Created and named the stars, will continue to see an altogether different explanation about the size and age of the universe from that explanation with which the world has been relentlessly bombarded. This “new” explanation dramatically reduces both the fictitious numbers of stars claimed by the Evolution-Manufacturing, Theoretical Science Establishment, and the equally fictitious distances from earth assigned to those stars. Those who doubt or reject God’s authorship of the words below, might want to keep them in mind anyway, and consider well what is going on with this revival of a Biblically structured universe based on a non-moving Earth (and the certification of Bible credibility on all subjects that will be the culmination of this revival).

Psalm 147:4 HE telleth the number of the stars; HE calleth them ALL by their names. “Telleth”: #4447 means: “allot, prepare, set, count…”. “Names”: #8064 means: “…an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality: from #7760: through the idea of definite and conspicuous position….”

Comment: All of the meanings of “telleth” indicate a finite number. The use of “ALL” refers to the named ones and likewise tells us the number is finite. We are informed that each and every star has a name which God has given to it. Again, finiteness is assured, and some large BUT comprehensible number is implied.

(The acceptance of an infinite universe by the Creationist leadership at ICR and AIG has been a major roadblock thwarting a movement by Creationists to broaden their attack to include Copernicanism as another pseudo-scientific deception; one which demonstrably paved the way for the success of Darwinism and which is as plainly anti-Scriptural.

Deuteronomy 28:62 And you shall be left few in number, whereas ye were as the stars for multitude…. “Multitude”: #7230 – 7231: “…abundance in any respect…great number, plenty: #7231: to multiply by the myriads…ten thousands. #7241: a rain, as an accumulation of drops. #7233: many, million, ten thousand. Comment: Note the flexibility in the meaning of this word “multitude” all the way from the comprehensible “great number and plenty, etc.” to the incomprehensible “accumulation of rain drops”. This flexibility of connotations of the Hebrew word for “Multitude” is obviously important relevant to determining whether the number of stars in the Biblical Universe is a comprehensible number or not.

For example, as seen above, “Multitude” is specifically compared to the population of the Hebrew Tribes at a time before this was written (Deut. 28:62). That number is generally considered to have been between two and three million people, a large number in one sense, but certainly neither incomprehensible nor even necessarily a large number where counting stars is concerned. But, note again the inherent connotational flexibility in this word for “multitude” which is evidenced in these other citations: Judges 6:5; 7:12: “plague of grasshoppers” & I Sam. 13:5: “sand of the sea”…. These–much as “raindrops” in Deut.28:62 (#7241) –describe incomprehensible numbers. Yet, the very same word for “multitude” refers to these easily comprehended numbers: Ex.: “words”: Job 32:7; 35:9*** “thoughts”: Ps. 94:19*** “words, counselors, people, rubies, dreams”: Prov. 10:19, etc.*** “chariots, sorceries”: Is. 37:24; 47:9 *** “iniquities”: Jer. 30:14,15*** “idols, branches, wares”: Ezek.14:4; 19:11; 27:18 *** “7 weeks”: Deut. 16:9, etc.

So–insofar as Bible teaching is concerned–is there a comprehensible number of stars in the 3rd heaven stellatum or is the number incomprehensible as the “science” books tell us??

Being reminded that we are here continuing to seek exclusively the Bible’s teaching about the stars, let’s examine some more clues that relate to and amplify the findings we’ve just seen as well as those in Parts I and II and then apply what we come up with to that Biblical Model….


Notice, for example, these further clues…clues from the often-times super-abstract book of Ezekiel:

Ezekiel 1:22 And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creatures was as the color of the terrible crystal, stretched forth over their heads above. Note “likeness”, #1823 from #1819″: “…resemblance, model, like, similitude. #1819: a primary root. To compare, resemble, liken…use similitudes.” *** Biblical definitions for “Similitude” (#’s 1823, 8403, 8544) all match the dictionary definitions, viz., : likeness, resemblance, counterpart, match, semblance, image, copy. *** “terrible”: “fearsome”…Amplified Bible renders it “awesome”. *** “crystal”: #7140 from #7139: “…ice, as if bald, smooth…by resemblance, rock crystal…crystal, frost, ice. *** #7139: “…a primary root: to depilate, make (self) bald. Comment: All of these definitions refer not to the entity itself, i.e., not to the firmament, but rather to a likeness, a semblance, an image, i.e., A REFLECTION of entities within the firmament that are being “sent back” with a mirror-like, laser-directional scattering off of a smooth faceted water crystal extremity. These water crystals are attached/ embedded in the “hammered” underside of the dome-like encasement of the entire universe. This Biblically certified dome lies just beyond the outer edge of the 3rd heaven/firmament which is revolving beneath it. (Interestingly, the Amplified Bible renders the verse this way: “Over the head of the living creatures there was a likeness of a firmament, to look upon like the terrible and awesome dazzling of shining crystal or ice, stretched across the expanse of sky over their heads.” I think one can see where Bible scholars with no axe to grind can begin to understand the authenticity of a “Small” Universe Model wherein star reflections off of “waters above the firmament” are being mistakenly counted as real stars…and how this misconception is upholding Big Bang, Expanding Universe cosmology…and all evolutionary mythology.)

These reflections/likenesses are stretched forth “over the heads” of the living creatures residing in the last reaches of the third heaven part of the firmament. As seen in Part I, the Bible specifically refers to some kind of watery shell-like, dome-like reflective entity above the firmament (Gen. 1:6, 7). This “watery”, spherical “ceiling” of probable rock-crystal-pure transparency and reflectability–and piezo-electrical capabilities on its smooth symmetrical and asymmetrical faces–totally surrounds and encases the universe. That is to say, this spherical “ceiling” encases the three layers of the firmament which extend inward from God’s heavenly abode to the stars, to the sun and the planets, the Earth’s Moon, on through the Earth’s atmosphere, and finally to the Earth itself at the center of the Created Universe.

In this Scriptural model it is axiomatic that the stars are “imaged, copied, modeled, etc.” from their fixed locations relevant to one another in their perpetually revolving 3rd heaven/firmament Ezekielian “wheel”. Also, the light they emit is marvelously synchronized with specified facets of water crystals on the revolving universe-encasing dome to be REFLECTED back toward Earth. This is accomplished in a way that keeps the stars (and their reflections) always precisely in the place where they have always been…(just as the lights on revolving ballroom mirrors always present the same pattern and always follow the same paths…and as is reminiscent also in some respects of star projections in a planetarium.)

Hence, while modern cosmology assures us that the universe is populated by mega-zillions of stars that are billions of light years distant from the Earth, the Bible instead assures us that there are a very few million at the most and they are not one ten-trillionth as far away as we are told. The “likenesses” of this limited number of named stars are then being “imaged” and “reflected” billions of times off of the mirror-like facets in the crystalline outer dome as it revolves synchronously with the starry stellatum in the lower part of the 3rd heaven. It is these reflections that are being counted–along with the real stars–as individual stars and clusters of stars in those unseen hypothesized galaxy simulations.

Think again of the just mentioned mirrored globes hanging and turning in “ballrooms” and old night clubs. These were/are mirrors that consistently and precisely reflect whatever light is shone on them like little stars moving around in a complete circle in a darkened room. Now to envision a Biblical Model of the universe, simply have the mirrors on the inside of the globe (concavo-convex) turning around the Earth at the center (inside).

The mirrored encasement is the watery crystal-embedded “dome or shell” around the universe. The 3rd heaven with the stars is an Ezekialian “fiery wheel within a wheel ” (Ezek. 10:10) that moves around the Earth every 23 hours and 56 minutes as always observed. That same “wheel” may include that part of the 3rd Heaven where God’s Throne in the New Jerusalem on the New Earth is located “above” the stars. But Scripturally, unless I am missing something, that God-occupied zone–though it also revolves (or is capable of turning) around the Earth (e.g., II Chron. 16:9), at an unspecified–and quite possibly variably regulated and even sometimes synchronized–time frame, is not forced to be in synchronous movement with the stellatum, but could be another one of the Ezekielian “fiery wheels within a wheel” (Ezek. 10:10).

This Biblical model gives an intelligible, observationally corroborated, and scientifically sound understanding of what is really going on in our Earth-centered universe. Given God’s ineffably wondrous and meticulous attention to design detail (as can be appreciated even in the supernaturally-incredible arithmetic detail in the language configurations in His Word [See: Panin, Thirty-six Bristles]), this model of the universe–with its crystalline facets precisely fixed to cast myriads of reflections of stars–is a marvel of simplicity to grasp in comparison to a model which attributes such precision (and everything else) to an explosion of a “substanceless substance” 15 billion years ago! Combine this comparatively simple, scientifically supportable, and radically more intelligible and sensible model with the Bible’s repeated descriptions of a non-moving Earth as the foundation upon which the entire Scriptural Model has been conceived and created, and we can see that God has given us the true design of the structure of the universe. We just had to begin to open our eyes as to the true nature of the spiritual battle that has been characterized to the world as a battle between altruistic secular science and Bible fairy tales. And we’re only about thigh-deep in the evidence at this point! There is plenty more to come, and it will pin that “fairy tale” label where it belongs, i.e., on the Theoretical Science Establishment, before we are through!


Also, in this Biblical Model of the Universe, the tens or hundreds of thousands–or possibly few million–actual, named stars are confined to the 3rd zone in the firmament, which needs to be no thicker than the 2nd zone with the sun, moon, and planets, as we saw in Part I. Indeed, this Biblical universe in its entirety–from Earth to the domed “ceiling” (less than 8 billion miles)–will be destroyed and never seen again (II Pet. 3:10-12; Rev.20:11; etc.) to make way for the Biblically promised New Heavens and New Earth (Isaiah 66:22; 65:17; Rev. 21:1;etc. ). This temporary universe was designed on a scale to fit that temporal reality, and there was no need whatever for it to be created anywhere near the size promoted, nay, evangelized by the Pharisee’s Kabblist inspired Big Bang, Expanding Universe Conglomerate.

Judging by the dimensions given for the New Jerusalem on the New Earth–obviously meant to be taken literally (otherwise why bother?)–we underscore again the highest Scriptural probability that the scale of the scripturally promised New Universe with the New Earth at its center (just as with this first Earth)–will be vastly larger. The Biblical New Heavens and New Earth–unlike the present design–will actually need to be vastly larger because there will be flesh and blood families eternally reproducing new offspring (Is. 11:6,8: 65:17:23)…though on a greatly slowed conception cycle (Gen. 3:16). False doctrines have so thoroughly twisted the Scriptures about the nature of Heaven with its flesh and bone people (Is. 65:18, 19; 66:23, 24; Luke 24:36-43) that one has to take those doctrines apart piece by piece and force them to conform to precept upon precept, line upon line (Is. 28) until the truth emerges. You can see how this Biblically endorsed approach to doctrinal purity relevant to the size and structure of the universe impacts on the families in heaven issue (Is. 11:6, 8; 65:21, 23) when you get a grip on Jesus’ introduction to His teaching concerning marriage.

This is just one of many key teachings that is completely ignored and one which absolutely turns around the “no marriage, or giving in marriage” verse parroted from pulpits. The point being that with growing families on the eternal New Earth– even with greatly slowed conception (Gen. 3: 16)–not only will that New Jerusalem and New Earth need to be humungous in size, but, rest assured, there will be other earth-like bodies in those New Heavens to handle the population growth millions and billions of years into eternity. Present cosmological fantasies about finding evolved life on other planets is just another cheap counterfeit of what God has in store for those who are raised (I. Thess. 4:13-18) or resurrected to eternal life (Jn. 5:28,29)

Whereas all who desire Truth in all matters can confidently trust the Bible with its scores of documented prophecy fulfillments, its 2000 year old description of modern day technology, its equally old description of a Global Government now staring us in the face, the mind-blowing mathematical evidence for the inspiration of the Scriptures, etc., it becomes surpassingly obvious that the Author of this Book can be trusted when He gives us the structure and size of the universe! More, it should become equally obvious that another model from another religious source which hates and blasphemes the Biblical God and His Son Jesus (and mocks the Bible while upholding the g-d of the Talmud/Kabbala) is a source with a spiritual motive to use “science falsely so called” and every academic and media backup it can control in any way it can to achieve what God has allowed it to achieve (Acts 15:18).

When all the hype from NASAdom is put aside, modern theoretical cosmology does not have the first piece of indisputable evidence to support its crazy declaration that an explosion of an infinitesimal “substanceless substance” 15 billion years ago created all that is. It’s “creation scenario” is an expensive, tax-funded mandate to establish evolutionism in space and on Earth through the media and “education”. This fundamentally religious deception has been made possible by the acceptance of the pseudo-scientific, assumption-anchored, Copernican Mythology which is wedded to the Darwinian Mythology, now evolving rapidly into Panspermia Mythology. This symbiotic union of false physical science with false biological science has produced these and several other offspring: (Marxism, Freudianism, Dewyism, Einsteinism, Saganism…). Taken together, the teachings from this Bible-denying brood of “thinkers” now constitutes the entire woof and warp of modern man’s allegedly secular “knowledge”.

Now consider more of the extraordinary Biblical support for the size and structure of the real universe, made “small” by the dazzling water crystal studded “astrodome” precisely scattering myriads of reflections back toward the star zone and the non-luminous bodies and “dark matter” below it:

Ezekiel 1:23, 25, 26 & 10:1 “…and under the firmament were their wings straight….” (v.23) “And there was a voice (v.24) from the firmament that was over their heads….” (v.25) “And above the firmament was the likeness [resemblance, model] of a throne, as the appearance of a man above upon it”. (v.26) “Then I looked, and behold, in the firmament that was above the head of the cherubims there appeared over them as it were a sapphire stone, as the appearance and likeness of a throne.” (Ez. 10:1) Comment: All of these references are describing certain things taking place in the 3rd firmament where God dwells with Jesus and the angels. Just like the stars beneath that dwelling place in the 3rd firmament, there is a “likeness”, a match, a counterpart, an image, a similitude of those creatures and objects, and also the likeness of a man upon a throne, all of which are being REFLECTED in the crystal-embedded “waters above the firmament”.

More clues leading to the same conclusion pop up in other Scriptural passages such as this one:

Daniel 12:3 “And they [the resurrected dead] that be wise [teachers] shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness [shall shine] as the stars forever and ever.” Note: “Shine”, #2094 means: “A primary root; to gleam; fig. to enlighten…shine, teach, give warning.” “Brightness”, #2096, comes from #2094 and means “brilliancy”. Since the root word for both is “Gleam”, and since there is no Hebrew word given for “gleam”, we will lean on definitions from Webster’s Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus: Webster gives these related connotations for “gleam”: 1) A flash or beam of light. 2) A dim or subdued light…. 4) To send forth a gleam or gleams – Akin to “brightness”; See: glimmer, glimpse. Syn. 1. Gleam, Glimmer, Beam, Ray, are terms for a stream of light….(a paragraph of delineations follows…all of which fit starlight characteristics). Roget: “Gleam” noun: 1) light…radiation, irradiation, emanation shine, starlight. 3) ray, beam, etc. 4) flash, blaze, glint…. Roget: “Gleam” verb: 17) shine, shine forth, give light, fulgurate (to flash or dart like lightning) [“Electric Universe” fans take note: [See: Electric]])….

Comment: The stars in this allegory about heavenly rewards are resident in the eternal (“forever and ever”) New Heavens (Is. 66:22; Rev. 21:1; etc), of course. Yet, the “shine” and “gleam” connotations referring to the “brightness of the firmament” could refer to either the present firmament or the one in the New Heavens.

The New Heavens will probably be structured similarly to the present heavens…with the one significant difference mentioned earlier, namely: We know from the Scriptures that for sure and certain one key aspect of the structure of the New Heavens will be different, namely, the place of God’s abode. Whereas His temporary abode is plainly described as being located at the furthermost (highest) extremity of the Third Heaven in the firmament–which abode is what is plainly represented as being reflected mirror-like two Scriptures back–it is equally clear that His eternal abode will be on the New Earth (Rev. 21:3) in its “New Jerusalem” (with its 1,440,000,000,000 acre floor plan) which “comes down” (Rev. 21:2) from that Third Heaven wherein The Lord Jesus has created “mansions/town houses” in that New Jerusalem for all of redeemed mankind (John 14:2,3). (For Scripture endorsed farm and family life outside the City of New Jerusalem, consider: Is. 65:21-23; 11:6, 8; Rev. 21:25-27…).

(Does the New Jerusalem on the eternal New Earth that “comes down” quit coming down when it reaches the center of the New Heavens? Of course it does! If it didn’t, it would be going “up” again and have to come back “down”, wouldn’t it?! The “center” is “down” to everything else, isn’t it? Does it remain there as the hub of the New Universe just as this temporary Old Earth has been the hub of this Old Universe? It’s logical, and there is no Scriptural or “mechanical” reason to conclude otherwise.)

Thus, Scripturally, the picture that continues to emerge of the present universe is one which declares that there is a comprehensible, intelligible number of stars being imaged and reflected almost endlessly but very precisely off of both multi-faceted and also great smooth mirroring crystals (such as mirror God’s Throne area) which are set in the underside of a canopy covering the universe just beyond the outer limit of the firmament.

The double error of modern cosmology lies in interpreting these reflections as zillions of galaxies and stars, and then extrapolating from that interpretation an incomprehensibly large and old universe because of the first error. The Apostle Paul recorded God’s timeless warning about:

…avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith…. (I Timothy 6:20,21)


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