Illogical Christians

Illogical Christians

We are often advised by well-meaning Christians, who are ignorant of the bearings of our contentions, to allow the subject of the plane flat earth and to “drop it.” They content that just proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is what what one person wrote:

“You believe the earth is flat and stands still. I may give it a passing notice. I am surprised to find a man of so much intelligence and learning should persist in such notions. It is not a clear fact that we can determine the approximate size of the globe. And if you go in a straight line in any direction you will come to the place from which you started, and how do you account for the Seasons, and the differences in the length of days at different Seasons, and the tidal motions, etc? I think you would be better engaged in helping to swell the world-wide cry of the Gospel. Don’t you think so?”

You may have experienced something like this. You might have heard, “What difference does it make?”

In answer to the last question we say decidedly, “No!” Not at the expense of leaving off teaching the plain truth. It is undeniable that the Holy Scriptures teach that the earth is stationary; that it rests on “foundations” and “pillars”; and that it is “established so fast that it cannot be moved.” We, therefore contend that if, as some of our Christians friends would have us believe, the Bible is not true in its material teachings respecting the Universe, it is not reliable in its promises of spiritual blessings. In fact these very same Christians would be confronted by atheists that would say, “Since you believe in a spinning globe earth, when your Bible says that it’s stationary and on pillars, how can you believe in Jesus Christ? How can you believe in the rest of the Bible?” To which, the average Judeao-Christian would either have to do some back-tracking, or their own faith would come into doubt.

But we maintain that the Bible is true; true to fact and to every day observation; and that the earth does not move. We have a right to ask for one proof, and we only ask for one, of the earth’s supposed terrible motions? It appears stationary. It fells stationary. Then why should we give up the evidence of our God-given senses for the sake of a mere astronomical and unsupported assumption?

There is much more behind this question of the shape of the earth than our good natured but illogical advisers are aware of. If we are credited, we are by those who know us, with at least an average share of common sense, and a little more than the average amount of intelligence and learning, how is it that our advisers – who for the most part never really studied the question – how is it they cannot credit us with understanding this subject, which we have studied, and with understanding its importance as supplying a good foundation for our confidence in the sure Word of God? We maintain that if the Bible is not true respecting the material Creation, it is not reliable in its promises of Salvation; and that it is perfectly useless to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to men who have lost their faith in the inspiration, or truthfulness of the World of God. It is, moreover, a great pity when Christian friends unite with sceptical foes in support of a godless science, falsely called “science,” (as the Apostle Paul wrote), which strikes at the very foundation of the truth of the Creator’s Word. They incur a grave responsibility in so doing. Let them take heed.

In answer to our correspondent’s questions, we say, it is not “a clear fact that we can determine the approximate size of the globe.” It is not a clear fact that the earth is a globe at all! Let proof be offered. And again, it is not possible “to go in a straight line in any direction, and come back to the place of staring.” Any “straight line” is an impossibility on a spherical surface. But apart from this self-evident fact, no one has ever travelled on voyaged due North, or due South, and come back to the same place again. The great ice barriers would prevent this. Yet our correspondent thoughtlessly says, “in any direction”! Men can go round the world in an easterly or a westerly direction; but this is also possible on a plane. Hence it is no proof of the earth’s sphericity. But our opponents do not seem to be able to discriminate in these things. It is the faulty, doubtless, of our system of “education,” which crams young minds with other men’s ideas, instead of teaching them to think for themselves, and to think cautiously and accurately.

Let us hope that Christian Flat Earth Ministry will help, at least, to raise enquiry, and so teach men to think for themselves; and not to leave all their thinking to professional and interested preachers of “science”. Let us hope that all lovers of truth – natural truth or spiritual – and all lovers of original ideas, possessing true freedom of thought, will rally round us, and help us on towards a world-wide circulation of the truth in all its forms.




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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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