Who Was Lady Blount?

Who Was Lady Blount?

When reading old flat earth booklets, you often come across a person named Lady Blount. So, who was this person? We read from wiki.tfes.org:

Sometimes known as Zeteo, Lady Elizabeth Anne Mould Blount was a vocal advocate of Flat Earth theory in late 19th and early 20th Centuries and one of the founders of the Universal Zetetic Society. She worked extensively with Albert Smith (‘Zetetes’) to propound their Flat Earth viewpoint. Lady Blount was a devout Christian and her writings used a mix of scriptural and experimental arguments to support her views. Blount’s wealth and social status allowed her access to England’s social elite. Her Universal Zetetic Society’s first membership roster includes an archbishop, major-general, scholars and a number of other aristocrats. By practically all accounts, Lady Blount was likable and good-natured, balancing out some of the more contentious members of the Flat Earth movement at the time.

In addition to her work with the Universal Zetetic Society, she was also poet, songwriter and wrote pamphlets on a wide variety of subjects. Blount was a progressive thinker and humanitarian. She was a vegetarian and – like Marjory Johnson – an anti-vivisectionist, often using the Earth Not A Globe Review to “cover these subjects in flowing prose and verse, alongside references to her work as president of the Society for the Protection of the Dark Races”.

In 1898, Lady Blount published a novel titled Adrian Galilio, or a Song Writer’s Story, a fantastical story about an aristocrat who escapes her unhappy marriage and reinvents herself as a world-famous Flat Earth proponent who “tours Europe giving elaborate lectures on cosmology, the creation, true love and hell”.

Source: https://wiki.tfes.org/Lady_Blount


Confessions From The Church of Rome, 1616

The confessions of the Church of Rome, when confronting the then Astronomical innovator, Galileo, who recanted and publicly confessed that his doctrine of the earth’s motion was false:

I  The proposition that the Sun “is the centre of the World and immovable from its place, is absurd, philosophically false, and formally heretical; because it is expressly contrary to the Holy Scriptures.

II  The proposition that the Earth is not the centre of the world, nor immovable, but that it moves, and also with a diurnal motion, is also absurd, philosophically false, and theologically considered, equally erroneous in faith.

And so we say, pronounce and by our sentence declare, degree, and reserve, in this and in every other better form and manner, which lawfully we may and can use. So We, the subscribing Cardinals pronounce.”

This 26th day of February, 1616.

(Subscribed by Seven Cardinals)


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