Getting People To See The Truth

Getting People To See The Truth

  Not long ago I came up with a way to get people to see the truth – at least to reconsider what they’ve been told concerning the medical profession. I did not read this or hear it from anyone else but had just thought of a way to tell others about alternative healing.

Now, we all know that the pharmaceutical researchers have lied to us when it comes to treatment. They say there is no cure for cancer, no cure for diabetes. They say that if you have cancer you must either have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy – depending on what your doctor recommends.

For many years now, I had found it hard to get through to people when it comes to holistic treatment to heal yourself. I’m sure you have had this problem, too. Then, again, there are Truth Seekers out there who know about government cover ups, the lies we have been told about history, the banking system, etc. but still believe in what they doctors and medical researchers tell us. I had found it hard to reach these people although they know of the other lies we have been told. Then, not too long ago, I came up with something so logical that if someone denies it, they would either have to be retarded (politically incorrect word, lol), are part of the problem, or they just came out of a cave.

Not long ago I was talking to one person that I know and we were discussing cancer. I said to Val, “We have had this “war on cancer” for about 40 years now. We have had other “wars” on poverty, drugs and crime. This is what various U.S. Presidents have announced starting back in the 1960s with Lyndon B. Johnson and his war on poverty. Well, tell me Val, has cancer decreased? Has poverty gone down? Are we winning this war on drugs?” And Val agreed with me.

Then I continued, “We allow businesses to take care of these problems. Right?”


“Now, when a person goes into business, he wants to make money, right? When a person is in business, does he want to make more money or less money than the previous year?”

Val responded, “More money.”

I continued, “This we look at as normal and natural; it’s what we call capitalism. If a company that makes handcuffs for police departments wants to continuing making them, that means crime has to continue. If crime went down quite a bit, the need for police equipment, like handcuffs, would be less. Therefore, they don’t want to see crime go down.

“Take cancer. If the cancer rates dropped substantially, the pharmaceutical companies would not make much money. If the cure, for example, was to eat raw vegetables and have plenty of fresh juices, doctors would not want to see this. After all, how much money can be made selling carrots?”

To this, Val laughed.

I added, “If you had notice that over the years our problems get worse and worse, not better. That’s because businesses are allowed to go in and make money. But when it’s in an area that revolves around a problem of some kind, the problem gets worse, and that includes the medical profession. After all, people will not want to start a business if they were told that their aim is to do less and less business each year until they have to close down, does it?”

Val had to admit that this is the situation and that is why things are not getting better. Now, Val was not the only person that I had talked to like this – there were two other people that I know that I used this same approach – and all had to agree that our problems are getting worse.

I hope this is helpful to you when you are talking to others who can not seem why we are not told the truth.

Note: Check out the video post at the bottom of the page under the Mind Control tab you see at the top of this page. It’s about who the real Gate Keepers are that are controlling our information.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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