Is the Mexican-American Wall For Another Purpose?

Is the Mexican-American Wall For Another Purpose?

The real purpose of the Mexican-American Wall

We all heard about the wall Donald Trump wants to build and many people supported Trump for this idea. But, could the Mexican-American wall have another purpose – a sinister purpose? I got this thought after reading what policemen are doing in America – and it was frightening. Click Here for the article.

If you don’t have time to read the article, it’s about how policemen and custom agents are doing strip searchers and looking in your body cavities – all the suspicion of you carrying drugs. They are even doing this is in public when they stop you along the road side!

Now, we have all seen videos of police brutality when stopping people – some of the videos are from the police cars themselves. So, this is the next step – strip-down body searches along the road.

Trump supporters are now waking up that they have been conned from other things that he said during his campaign and what he is doing now. So could this be another con?

You can look at a wall from the perspective of:

Keep undesirables out

Keeping good people in

We have all took the Mexican-American Wall to keep the illegal/undesirables out. But what IF the real purpose is to keep people in? America can become so bad that even the illegal immigrants would want to get out!

Patriots know that America is a police state; and, like the Berlin Wall of Germany, it was used to keep people in. East Germany was a Communist police state, as you all know. So, the fact that you are living in a police state, wouldn’t you want it open ground to make your escape easier? Of course you would.

Say the situation gets worse in America and some of your options – such as boarding a plane as a means of leaving. Wouldn’t you want to have another avenue of escape? Wouldn’t you want to be able to cross the boarder on foot if need be? This is what thousands of Germans did before the Berlin Wall went up. Now, picture yourself trying to cross the Arizona desert when there is a 20 foot wall that is guarded; it would be very difficult if not impossible.

Literally, several million American had seen “the writing on the wall” years ago and are now living in another country where they have more freedom. But as more and more people wake up, the majority will try to leave when it’s too late, as there will be a huge wall in front of them.

For those who say, “How do you keep the illegals out then?” I say it’s very easy but no one wants to talk about it because it’s not “politically correct” and that is – don’t offer any benefits to them, period! And, have requirements for residency that you have to have enough money to live there. That is why we have people flooding our boarders – because we are giving them welfare money, free health care, schooling and housing. Cut that off, and you will not have the people coming over. You will also have open land that is not marred by a big ugly wall. Many years ago, America did not have an illegal immigration problem (very little, if you want to pick on the details). And we did this without a wall. So, we can do the same thing today.

In the meantime, have your bags packed, make a plan and be ready to run! And I’ll meet you on the other side – of the boarder that is 🙂

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