The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 6

The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 6

From the booklet: The Sea-Earth Globe and its Monstrous Hypothetical Motions: or Modern Theoretical Astronomy


Note: Punctuation and grammar is as in the original.


fig. 18

After belauding Kepler for his elliptical orbits and giving him “immortal glor,” Sir Robert Ball shews, in his romance called the Story of the Heavens, that another astronomer, and a greater than Kepler, soon after came along and ruthlessly ripped open the Keplerian skin bottle, thus spilling the gravitation wine which was supposed to be stored therein! Sic transit gloria mundi!

Our friend Robert, quite unabashed, tells us in his heavenly “story” that Sir William Herschell was the fist to solve “the noble problem” as to whether the sun was really at rest in the middle of the solar system, or “whether the whole system, sun planets and all, is not moving on bodily through space?”

So that after all Kepler’s invention did not settle this “noble problem,” which was left for another to grapple with; and this one has, for the time being, “settled it,” that the sun is rushing us all through space, at a terrible rate, towards a distant star, millions and millions and millions of miles away, to Lambda Hercules! A romance worthy of that classical giant whose “twelve labours,” though great, were nothing compared to the labours “now” imposed on the sun-god through the twelve signs of the zodiac. For in the words of our great story teller, we are assured that

The sun and his system are NOW hastening towards a point of the heavens near the star Delta Lyae. The velocity with which the motion is performed corresponds to the magnitude of the system. Quicker than the swiftest rifle bullet that was ever fired the SUN, bearing with it the Earth and all the other planets, is NOW speeding onwards…Every half-hour we are about 10,000 miles nearer the constellation of Lyrae. (Italics, etc., mine.) – Story of the Heavens, p. 429.

In common parlance we may say that this is “a stretcher!” But what about Kepler’s elliptical orbit? There is “now” a great gash in it, 175,000,000 of miles wide equal to the sun’s present annual journey. Such a gash is surely fatal!

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