David Irving: One Man’s Fight For The Truth

David Irving: One Man’s Fight For The Truth

Here the fascinating life-story of David Irving in how he started his quest for the truth of what really happened in World War II. Like the flat earth cover up, so is the true story of World War II. Irving, unlike the politically correct authors who write from their armchairs, met with the people who personally knew Adolf Hitler and other high NS officials. In some cases, he met with National Socialist officers themselves. The result being, that Irving was told information that the Zionist controlled media will never touch and that schools will never teach.

If you go to a library in the UK you can not find one of Irving’s books, nor can you find them in a book store. We are talking about a world famous British historian that don’t have his books in their own libraries. The reason is, that it victors of WW II do not want the public to know the truth; and one of those victors or Allies, was the United Kingdom.

When David Irving started off writing in the 1960s his books were on the Best Seller’s list and was in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper where they ran a series of articles based on his books. But it was not until Irving started to write about Adolf Hitler that got the Edomites mad.

The first book by Irving was titled: The Bombing of Dresden, where nearly 100,000 people died in 20 minutes! This became a national Best Seller, as the British people never heard of this and neither had the Germans. In the course of writing this book, Irving had interviewed about 300 people – from both sides of the war – who were there when it happened. (This was back in 1960 when many veterans of WWII were alive.)

You can find David Irving’s books online. Go to his website at: fpp.co.uk You can find some of his book there for free.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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