Donald Trump’s Bombing On Syria Is Illegal

Donald Trump’s Bombing On Syria Is Illegal

Where is the protective clothing for sarin?

Donald Trump’s bombing on Syria is illegal, immoral and NOT Christian. Of course, we can’t say that he was Christian in the first place – despite his loud mouth claims that he is during his campaign. Let’s take a look at what we were told happened. About 84 people killed by sarin nerve gas. This we were told was done by Syrian planes.

There was no proof that Assad did it in the first place. Where is the proof? Then, look at how fast the US acted. You can’t determine anything that quick! Not only that, how did the US know what airfield it took off from?

I’m sure you have heard the story that Assad has no gas, and even if he did, he knows it would be counter productive if he used it, as a few days before Trump said, “that there is no need for regime change.” So, why would Assad risk doing this? It makes no sense.

This sarin nerve gas attack has all the markings that it was either: set up to make like Syria did it or that it was all faked to begin with.

If you notice the pictures of the rescue workers – they did NOT have protective clothing and one person didn’t even have gloves! You can’t go into an area without protective clothing, heavy rubber gloves and a respirator (not a gas mask). We also know that regular clothing does not protect you from sarin. And once on your skin you can die in one minute. Yet, the rescue workers did not have protective clothing. This tells you that we were told a lie. So, how did the people die? It would have had to been another type of gas. There there is another problem – how do we know that people actually died? We know that the US government has lied many times in the past and that they have created false flags. Is this one of them? I don’t know, I’m just asking the question.

  We do know of the false flag of Sandy Hook shooting, of the shooting in the queer bar in Orlando, Florida. Heck we even know of the fake moon landing. So, why couldn’t this be faked? If you have seen Stanley Kubrick’s film Wage the Dog, you have seen where a fake war was staged in order to bring in a real war. This was information given by the Kubrick in the film to let people know, even in a subtle way, that such things this is done in government. After all, he should know as he filmed “the moon landing” back in 1969.

The other illegal thing that was done in this Syrian attack is, that Donald Trump did not wait until international agencies, such as the UN, investigate. Trump thinks that this is a TV game show – that the first one that hits the big red button wins. This is not a game, Trump!

Some say that Trump is ignorant of the crookedness of government. Really? He certainly knows about the lying media, he knows about fake news. And, most importantly, he knows about websites like Alex Jones. (Remember he was interviewed by Jones for about 30 minutes during the campaign.) So, he could still go to certain alternative website sources if he feels that his security agency is lying to him or hiding things from him. He can at least get another view, think on it, then act. But no, he went straight ahead.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

We have the typical “problem, reaction and solution,” that has been identical with other “regime change” in the Middle East. This, alone makes you think that this is all staged. Or, even if people are really killed, it’s staged in the sense that it’s created by the West. What do I mean? Listen to the key words used; words that play on your emotions. Remember the picture of a man carry a baby boy on the shore that drowned. This was used as a reason to bring in more Muslim immigrants into Europe. What about when we heard about Muammar Gaddafi “killing his own people?” What happened? It got the West to bomb Libya. Sure, Gaddafi had his soldiers kill people BUT, were they his own? The fact is, when you have people attacking the government, ALL GOVERNMENTS would react in the same way and defend themselves. The fact is, that with all these revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, it was instigated by the West to topple governments. And most of the people used (not all) were criminal elements from other countries were brought in, including criminal elements within the country. They were given weapon, training and money by the West to topple respective countries. It was ONLY THEN, that the “killing of their own people started.” Notice that before in each of these countries there was peace.

The fake news media, of course, don’t tell you this part. They just come in when the fighting starts. If people started to storm the Capitol Building and the State Department, for example, you bet that the police and soldiers would be killing their own people. But you see, the government is a big liar and hypocrite so you wont hear them say they are doing the same thing that they charged Gaddafi and Assad with.

What did Donald Trump say? “Innocent children and that no none of God’s children should die like this,” (paraphrasing). In other words, really playing on your heartstrings. But he completely ignores the fact that if the West wasn’t in Syria in the first place none of this would have happened. At least it would not have happened on our watch. Of course, Trump completely ignores the hundreds of thousands that have died in Syria before all this started; where is the outcry from him about all these people?

All this fighting and wanting Assad out is the help Israel – which Trump said he’s is behind 100%.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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