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Eric Dubay on YouTube Censors Flat Earth Videos

Eric Dubay on YouTube Censors Flat Earth Videos I have some issues with Eric Dubay and I’m sure you do to. But one thing you have to give him credit for and that is making some good flat earth videos … Continue reading

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More Truth Banned

  More Truth Banned A few years from now, looking back on why Twitter collapsed and YouTube was abandoned by every intelligent person, we’ll remember what these totalitarian tech giants did in February, 2018. Starting a few days ago, both … Continue reading

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David Irving: One Man’s Fight For The Truth

David Irving: One Man’s Fight For The Truth Here the fascinating life-story of David Irving in how he started his quest for the truth of what really happened in World War II. Like the flat earth cover up, so is … Continue reading

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Will The Flat Earth Info Be Next

Will The Flat Earth Info Be Next With all this talk about Fake News, will the flat earth truth be blocked? Click Here After viewing the above video: I think that what Facebook is doing will backfire on them. After … Continue reading

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