Too Many People Are On The Take

Too Many People Are On The Take

One of the main problems we have is, that too many people are on the take. What I mean by that is, that there are too many people who like they way the System is – they don’t want to see it change. If you look at any area of life where we have problems – such as crime – we have people that are making money off it or they support it in some secondary way. Just taking a look at this one topic – crime – will illustrate what we are up against. (This applies to every nation, so don’t think that I’m picking on one country.)

When you have crime in a nation you have:

  • policeman
  • prison guards
  • companies that make equipment for the police
  • companies that build prisons
  • criminal lawyers
  • prosecutors
  • judges
  • and others that I haven’t thought of

  Here, you can see people who directly makes money from crime. In addition to that, you have the family members who support their husband/wife/brother or whomever that are employed. Now, I’m not claiming those people are supporting crime in any way. But imagine this, if crime wasn’t this high, you would not as many policeman. If you are a policeman, you might not have been hired had we had the low crime rate as we did back in the 1950s, for example. Who wants to see their father unemployed because crime took a drastic drop and stayed down? No one would. If you own a company that makes bullet proof vests, do you want to see their business drop? If you are an employee of such a company, would you want to be unemployed because of less demand? If you owned stock in Acme Bullet Proof Vests, Ltd., would you like to see your stock drop?

You know the answer to the above questions and the answer would be that you don’t want to see your father unemployed, you don’t want to be unemployed, you don’t want to lose money in your business and you don’t want to see a low return on your investments.

Ask yourself this, if you were profiting somehow – even though your “profiting” was honest – would you truly want to see crime drop? I know that it’s a tough question and you might say, “Sure, I want to see crime drop.” But will you really want to see it drop when it happens? Many times we say one thing and when the situation occurs it’s a different story.

Just keep this in mind: If you are afraid of losing your job, don’t you think that God can find you a better job or better life situation? Since God created the earth, He can create a better situation for you than what you are in now. Just look at it this way – that you are being tested in how much you trust in Him.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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