America’s Attack on Syria Exposed

America’s Attack on Syria Exposed

America’s attack on Syria has been exposed. As you all know the U.S. had launched 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria. The excuse was that Syria had used nerve gas on its own people. Here are things that are wrong with the story.

There is no proof that Syria has and used nerve gas or any other kind of chemical weapons

The rescue workers were not wearing protective. If this was Seron gas, the rescue workers would have been affected. You did not see protective clothing, rubber gloves or anything like that. Therefore, it looks like another false flag.

Of the 59 Tomahawk weapons used only 23 hit their targets. What happened to the rest? They can’t even find them! Of the missiles that hit their targets, they were poor targets. Six Syrian jets were undergoing repairs were hit, a barracks, a bunker that is it. In fact, the air base that was hit, none of the missile hit the runway. If you look at the aerial view, the missiles were all off the runway. Strange!

So, what caused the bad targets and the missing missiles? I can only guess at this and it could be:

1 The soldiers – whom Trump promised so much to – could have deliberately set their targets so that it would do the least damage.

2 The soldiers just can’t do their jobs

3 The technology is poor on those Tomahawk missiles

4 Russia’s air defence protected the airspace.

Whatever the cause, it does not bode well with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has backed off on many of his promises and one big one was to the soldiers. Perhaps they got wise and what they did was make the missiles go off target. Could this be a way of getting back at Trump without being court martialed?

Russia, whom I believe, said that Syria doesn’t possess chemical weapons. And, from a common sense point of view, why would Assad use such weapons against his own people? Why would he use it against the enemy when he knows that the West would use this as justification to be attacked?

It seems strange that Syria would be charged with possessing such weapons but it’s OK for countries like the U.S., UK and other first world countries to have such weapons? This is hypocrisy!

Finally, IF America was to do the right thing, they would be out of Syria all together – regardless of what happens. Why? First, it’s Christian that is how foreign policies are to be; we are not to dictate to the rest of the world – especially to nations that have not attacked us.

Remember what George Washington said: (paraphrasing) “friendship with all nations, foreign entanglements with none. We are not to be the policeman of the world.”

It’s interesting to read other alternative website – they are all backing away from supporting Trump, while others are agreeing on some points but are putting him on the carpet on other points.

Joseph Paul Watson, who works with Alex Jones, said he had enough of Trump; while Alex Jones is still selling Trump t-shirts. It just might be a matter of time before he, too, backs off from supporting Trump.

The United States vs Russia

According to the UK Daily Mail, Putin said that America is one step away from a war, yet Donald Trump had the audacity to say that he will do it again. Putin said that Trump will have to get through him, as Russia has a battle ship that is between the U.S. battle ship and Syria.

The Daily Mail also has their spin articles. One claims that “Trump unleashed an awesome attack on Assad.” It goes on to say the attack had “pin-point accuracy.” This is really laughable! I bet Assad is laughing, too, as well as a lot former Trump supporters. What a joke, if you look at the aerial photo, you can see that the runway is still intact!

Another article said, “Assad’s base in ruins: Dramatic satellite photos reveal how airfield pounded with 59 Tomahawks cruise missiles is ‘almost completely destroyed’ after punishment for deadly chemical weapons attack.” Then it shows the nearly completely intact photo of the air field! This is really funny. How stupid do they (Daily Mail and other newspapers) think the people are?

One article went on to say, “where was Russia’s defense of Syria” The headline of this article is: Why didn’t Putin’s Growlers intercept Trump’s Tomahawks? Russian leader’s missile protection system failed to prevent attack on Syrian airfield.

Well, do the idiots that write the stories ever thought about what happened and that it could well have been caused by Russia’s advanced weaponry? By the looks of it, if Russian defense was working perfectly fine – that they guided the missiles to targets where it did little damage AND that the rest of the missiles did not hit any target. Great work Russia!

By allowing the missiles to enter the country and directing them where to go shows more advanced system then just shooting them out of the air! Again, this is another spin article by the liars that control the press.

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