Why Do People Disagree?

Why Do People Disagree?

  There are probably several theories of why people disagree on any given subject. The topic of the flat earth is a big area of disagreement. We know that some of the factors of disagreement is the result of:

  • what their parents told them
  • what their teachers told them
  • what books and newspapers people read
  • who they consider as their authorities

Naturally, people will believe what they are told and repeat what they are told. IF and WHEN they do come across a counter view, they will automatically disregard it. They will disregard the information even more if they are told to do so by some ‘expert’. IF the person still persists but finds that their friends and family think that they are crazy, racists, nazis or a host of any other names, they will not want to be without friends. So, they fall back into line, as it were.

It take a real man or woman to stand up to the onslaught of all the name calling and being ostracised by others for your beliefs – if those beliefs are opposite of what the majority of people are taught.

Then, you have people who do wake up to some of what is going around them but not to the rest. Of course, part of this is do to the simple fact that it takes time to digest all the information out there. And, there are some who have just begun to wake up while others have been searching decades for the truth. An example of that is, someone who is 25 years old and she just learned about the corrupt money system – the central banking scam. But this is only the very first of what she learned. Then, you have some guy who is 60 years old and has been studying the New World Order for 35 years. Then, when the two people meet, they are on different ‘wave lengths’ as it were. The young lady can’t believe that so much of the world system is corrupt – especially if they were not exposed to it at all and too much information came at them at the same time. While the older person had time to read all of the material, consider it, pray on it to see if it was the truth and, if it was, accepted it.

In short, we are all at different stages of understanding.

If you took 50 people and they all entered a big library and were told they can read any books they want and they were to get back one year later to tell others what books they read and to grade each book. Do you think they will all have read the same books? No. It would be impossible. Different books would have been read, the number of books would have been different, the type of books would be different, and what each person graded the book would be different. So, there would not be the same agreement, naturally.

And so it is with life. Even with all the control out there, each person knows something more than someone else on a give topic. The people who are familiar with the same topic might give it a different weight in the scheme of things on that topic.

Well, with what believe in is different, too. The evil leaders know this and in order to prevent this they want to control everyone by controlling every facet of life; they do this by centralization, or what we call the New World Order. That is why there are only about 6 companies that controls all the major news media in America. They have to do this in order to control what the people read and hear. Did you ever wonder – with all the diversity of opinions in America – that the newspapers don’t reflect that? You would seem – if you just read the newspapers – that everyone liked Obama and that everyone hates Trump. That is why there is control and this control of your thinking has to be centralized.

You can have a group of Patriots, for example, agree that the government created a false flag event at the school shooting at Sandy Hook but can’t accept that there is a conspiracy of hiding the flat earth. The reason is, that some people accept that a small event happened and can be covered up – such as a local shooting. But they just can’t get their head round nor accept that there is a vast conspiracy that has lasted 500 years that the world is flat. Surely, they think, that some other government would have come forth and admitted it; that some universities would have taught it. In other words, for some people, the fact that a conspiracy is too large and that it would not be possible to hide the truth. But you, dear Reader, know that such is the case; that the earth is flat and stationary.

Continuing along this line of thought, truth seekers accept that our government could commit crimes against other nations but that our government would not commit crimes against their own people. An example would be, our involvement bombing another nation was based on a lie, but they can’t bring themselves around to believe that our government was involved in the 9-11 bombing. Some truth seeks can’t see this, while others can.

You have good people who accept many secular types of conspiracies, such as who really started World War II, but they can’t accept their own pastor is lying (even if it’s not deliberate). These people might accept the fact that vaccines are poisonous but not that the Rapture is a false teaching. You can have a good article, good sources and point out the verses in the Bible but they will not believe it; they get hostel, they call you names, they say you are not Christian, etc. Some truth seekers (that are Christian) just can’t accept the fact that the churches have been taken over a long, long time ago and with that, what is taught Christians.

Many people can certain truths but other truths they can’t accept. And this is for a variety of reasons. You might read some article there that you don’t agree with. Fine, just go on to what you can accept and know that there will always be differences – even between Christian/Patriotic people.

I had actually talked to doctors and lawyers on corruption years ago and found out that they accepted this in the other profession.

You can talk to a medical doctor about how the laws have changed that created a corrupt justice system – and they will agree with you. Then, you can go to a lawyer and tell them that chemotherapy is a poison and this should not be given to anyone – especially someone that has cancer. And because of the lawyer’s personal experience, would agree with you. But try, as you may, to get them to agree with the corruption and lies in their own profession, they will call you crazy.

If you try to point out the corruption in the law profession to someone who know about conspiracies in general, and they don’t agree with you, it could be for a reason. It could be that their father is a lawyer and they just can’t see the corruption in that. The truth of the matter is, that they WON’T see the corruption. Why? Because their father makes good money and it pays for the nice lifestyle that they enjoy and don’t want to see end. Likewise, if they are in that very profession, they will not want to see the truth of what is going on in their own profession.

To sum up, there are different reasons why people can’t see the whole picture. (This is not an inclusive list.) They are:

  • they are too young
  • they haven’t read enough – regardless of age
  • they can’t accept their very own pastor not knowing the Bible
  • they won’t see the truth because some member of their family is involved
  • they are in the profession in question
  • that some conspiracies are too large to be believed
  • they don’t want to be socially ostracised
  • because of the topic they might be called a ‘nazi’ or ‘racist’
  • they know they can lose their job
  • they just can’t admit that they are wrong
  • they are quite comfortable with where they are now

There might be more you can add to this, but this is what I came up with. Just with this above list alone, you can see how people can not or will not come to the same conclusion on every subject of truth that needs to be uncovered. I believe that there will always be some areas of disagreement when it comes to seeking the truth – UNTIL we are in the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom of God, there will be no democracy – just His Truth.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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