Hillary Clinton Staged Event

Hillary Clinton Background Change


author-rd  Yesterday (September 15) I saw on TV Hillary giving a speech. Now, if Hillary was suppose to have died on September 11, critics would say, “See, she’s still alive!” What I found strange was she looked younger and talked better. Then, while I started to write this little comment I came across this video from Fox News ( Click Here ). Seeing more on this link then when I turned on the TV, I noticed something strange. You will see that the U.S. Flag is not directly behind her when the camera showed a shot where it included the supporters. The flag is on her left side.


But when the other camera that showed a close up of her talking you saw the big red and white bars of the flag behind her! Also, notice how wide the bars of the flag are; so this could not have been the flag that you see in the very beginning of the video. In back of Hillary Clinton should have been her supporters. So, is this front video clip of her taken some place else? To me, it clearly showed that the two camera shots were not of the same event.

What do you think?

Sixteen Years And What Do We Have?

Another thing I had notice in this video clip are the words that Hillary actually said. If you haven’t heard it, please do so now so you understand what I’m about to say.

Here we have Hillary saying about how hard it is for people who have been sick and cannot afford to take a couple of days off; they can’t afford to use their insurance (Obama Care). She goes on to say that many people are one pay check away from losing their home. Now, all of this is true but think of this – why do we have a situation like this? We had 16 years and what do we have? The same situation! There were eight years of her husband, Bill Clinton, as President. Then we had eight years of Barack Obama – which is her friend and supporter. From the time that Bill got in office until now, it has gotten much worse for the average American worker. What this means is that the eight years with George W. Bush in office, things haven’t got better, so you have really 24 years of the same old, same old.

What makes people think that Hillary Clinton will improve things? Keep in mind that she never criticised her husband and what he did in office; she never criticised what Obama did. Keep in mind Obama had supported her by giving a speech, appearing on stage with her and even allowing her to use the Presidential Plane to fly to one of her campaign rallies. So, they are friends. She, of course, didn’t even criticise what George Bush did in office, which was between these other two Presidents.

Hillary Clinton talked about the cost of health insurance. Well, wasn’t Obama supposed to have fixed that with his so-called Obama Care? If people can’t afford to use their health insurance, as Hillary said, then Obama Care is not good. But she would not dare use the words “Obama Care” or criticize Obama himself.

In short, you can be sure that things will only get worse for the America people. Even if they remain the same it would be a disaster for Americans.

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