Debating the Flat Earth Debunkers

Debating the Flat Earth Debunkers


I thought it good to look at what flat earth debunkers say in their articles and videos and how they try to debunk the flat earth. Here is one (of many) and I will attempt to point out where they are wrong. In knowing in advance what flat earth debunkers will say, it’s good to know how to respond. With this in mind, let’s examine on such attempt.

There was one video that I came across by accident yesterday that I can’t find today. So, I will have to describe what this video showed. I will have to illustrate in words what was shown, so kindly bear with me.

All of this was CGI illustrations. The video had a picture of the flat earth and it showed a man walking towards the south rim. Then, as he was, he had to walk like he was walking up hill as it was more and more difficult for him. Then, the homes he passed along the way were built on foundations that faces more and more to the North pole. With that pictured in your mind, I’ll continue…

The narrator said if the earth was flat it would be harder to walk to the south rim and that the buildings would have to be built more on an angle to the earth in order to face the centre of gravity. He said this because gravity would be in the centre of the earth below the North Pole. So, the only way we could walk with ease would at the North Pole or when you crossed over the edge (picture the edge of a coin). Can you believe this nonsense?!

To us flat earthers this will be easy to debunk – I hope it is for you. This critic of the flat earth completely ignore what us flat earthers say in that, it’s density that keeps us on earth and not some mythical ‘gravity’. But he talks like there is still such a thing as ‘gravity’ and goes on with his explanation.

You might have come across this video and this is not just a run-of-the-mill video where few people have seen it. It has over 11 million views with a majority of them giving it a Thumbs Up – would you believe that?!

I’m sure there are some comments made that tells this guy that gravity is a myth (with all the magical things it can do); then adding that it’s simply density that keeps us all here.

Of course, one way to answer this is with another question; a question that a flat earth debunker simply can’t answer. But when these critics have a YouTube channel or their own website, in most cases, they will ignore you. But that is their problem not ours.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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