Other Staged Events for Hillary Clinton

How Staged Hillary Clinton’s Events Work

By the way, this is not the first time of a staged event by Hillary. Take a look at this video that someone else talked about.

There are others video that say Clinton has had her events staged. Just do a search on YouTube and see what you come up with.

How do you stage an event?

author-rd  There are a number of ways to stage an event and what I list here are just a couple of ways to do it. But before I get into that, I’m sure there are ways I haven’t thought about as I’m not a video editor and have not worked in Hollywood. I’ll talk about the possible way that the North Carolina event that Hillary was suppose to have been to AFTER her recent illness.

If you have seen the previous Post titled: Hillary Clinton Staged Event, where there is a different background, this is how it could be done. (If you haven’t seen this Post, take a look at the pictures posted.) One way this event could have been filmed is, by having Hillary go on a sound stage and talk with a green screen in the background. This is what is commonly used in Hollywood to show the people are actually at a different location. Then, they can put a different background of whatever they want and show it to the world whenever they want.

We know that the Illuminati, the antichrists, plan things well in advance. If you have read about secret societies and such, you know that they plan things many years in advance. One example of this is that starting back in the late 1980s, there were signs put in Hollywood films that told of 9-11; they were in Back to the Future in the late 80s, and in an Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early 90s, along with other films. Yet, it was not until 2001 that the Towers actually came down on 9-11.

Fast forward to Hillary Clinton. It could be that the script for her was all laid out. I said, ‘could be.’ And that Hillary actually made the words about her recovering from pneumonia well before she ‘had’ it. It was record and then played to the world when the time came. This is one scenario. Another one would be (referring to the Fox News video as seen in the previous Post) that this came along unexpectedly.

If this staged even came along unexpectedly, it could be a double was used to Hillary in which a script was given. You show some real videos from a distance, then the close up video will be the staged event. The dress is matched up closely to the other video where the supporters are shown. Then it was shot with a green screen background. As to the voice sounding the same, people who worked for the government admit that they have a device where you speak into it and it can come out to sound like anyone you want! This can account for the voice sounding like Hillary. The other possibility is to find a double who not only looks like her but sounds like her, too. We have seen this with Elvis Presley impersonators. Some of them their voice is much closer to Elvis’ than their looks. It is much harder to find people who look AND sound like another. But with the technology we have today, finding someone that looks like another person is good enough – the voice technology will do the rest. Of course, this can only work in a recorded setting – which was what was shown on TV yesterday. Don’t be surprised to see more of these Hillary Clinton staged events in the coming weeks.

By the way, in the video show above notice that the background is the same as in the previous Post and it looks like the red and white bars of the flag are just as wide. I guess they couldn’t use a crowd of supporters as someone would say they were not there when they see their own video.

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