God’s Words and Works Align

Note: It seems like I have to put a notice on every article I post here that was originally written long ago – that any misspelling and grammar errors are in the original articles. It seems like a few readers don’t know about how grammar changed, words fall out of usage, and of course, human error done by the type-setters years ago.

Some editors like to keep the style and ‘flavor’ (or should it be ‘flavour’ lol) the same, while others make revisions to keep it up to date. This is all a matter of ‘in house editorial choice.’ Keeping the style the same is my personal choice.

Keep in mind that they did not have automatic word correction by Microsoft 100 years ago. Lol. Of course, we all make mistakes in typing and don’t catch our own mistakes. Someone thought that I should get an office worker and do this! Just for a little blog? One came just to see how many [sic] they can spot. Anyhow, trying my best to the God’s Truth out.

From Earth is Not a Globe Review


There is an agreement between the word and works of God. The allusions of the word to the works are strictly accurate, and the facts of nature attest that accuracy.

The works of God are magnificent; but their magnificence is diminished and misrepresented by fanciful theories at variance with His word. To maintain the connection is to hold fast an important truth; which is a delightful duty, and is one of those few things by being faithful to which we may be “made rulers over many things.”

This work is certainly of God, for it is a vindication of the inspired accuracy of Scripture cosmogony.

I have a grateful remembrance of the late John Hampden, Esq., who kindly sent me many useful papers, one of which was: – “The geometry of the Circular-plane and the Harmony of the Solar Courses.” I am also indebted to Albert Smith, of the Leicester, England, for his suggestive paper – “The Sun-dial, a Strange Fact and a Forgotten Truth.” May God’s blessing go with the book.

John Lawson


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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