Forbidden Archaeology Lies


Doing my research on an old book that supports a flat earth, I came across a video of forbidden archaeology. I had watched a few minutes of a guy talking before a MUFON, LA group and it’s as bad as watching someone talking on Darwin and evolution! MUFON is a national group that does research into UFO and Alien sightings. Now, at one time I believed in this, UNTIL I learned about the flat earth. Anyhow, this guy talked about the extreme antiquity of humans beings on the earth (4 billion years) and that our start came from some Alien intervention. (By the way, I never believed in the billions of years of life, but just in UFOs and Aliens.)

Of course, you see right away that it gets people away from Yahweh, God, our Creator, and the Bible. Creationists believe that Adam, the first man, was created about 4,000 years B.C. This is determined by the age of each Prophet (in the same geological line) in the Bible.

I see that one day soon the government will come out and support the UFO group, as they see that evolution, through gradual genetic change, is bankrupt. So, what will be mainstream will be “we were created by advanced Aliens of some distant planet.”

Now, with the word “forbidden” used, it attracts a lot of people, as people who believe in UFO and Alien visitation, also believe in conspiracies, and the the government lies. Naturally, they gravitated towards something that looks like is opposed to the Establishment. They learned that the mainstream archaeologists don’t believe in UFOs, so the opposite must be true. No, this is nothing but leading those who are searching for the truth down a wrong road – both of which leads to a denial of God’s Word!

Don’t think that those who believe in this “forbidden archaeology” are a few disgruntled people – they are not. Looking at videos on YouTube the stats show high numbers. You can see this by looking at the thumbnails of these videos. The numbers are in the hundreds of thousands each!

If you haven’t seen any of these forbidden archaeology videos, watch one or two of them and notice all the things that are said that is contrary to Scripture. Then, you’ll see how dangerous this teaching is. Here is one here (about this guy that I listen to for a few minutes) Click Here.

It is these people, the people who go to UFO conventions, that have to be reached with the flat earth truth – followed by Bible truth. Once they see the logic, they will have no choice but to discard the science fiction belief of ancient antiquity of the human race, people from other planets, and that we were genetically manipulated to be what we are today.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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