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High Altitude Balloons

High Altitude Balloons Propaganda and Irrational Fear Nuclear Weapon Hoax

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Uncensored Truth About Nuclear Weapons

Uncensored Truth About Nuclear Weapons Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist .

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Nuclear Weapons Hoax

Nuclear Weapons Hoax Note: With CGI technology, false flags and crises actors/actresses, it would be easy for one side to claim that such-and-such city was hit by a nuke. Or, it could be a real strike but the damage done … Continue reading

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Making Up The H-Bomb Myth

Making Up The H-Bomb Myth Note: When we hear the NWO saying that nuclear war is unthinkable – because of mutual annihilation, is a perfect cover-up. When people are told that the exposing and the following effects of radiation will … Continue reading

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Inventing The Bomb: Flash, Blast, Heat, Radiation Properties, Mushroom and Dust Clouds

Is the A-Bomb Real? Note: The following is something to consider when we hear about the current war going on in Ukraine (that Russia and the US could use nuclear weapons). Mark my words, as time passes, there will be … Continue reading

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Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist

Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist Notice Eric Dubay is not a Christian but that does not mean he is wrong on other issues. Just like others we know who don’t know anything about Christianity but are right on … Continue reading

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